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I can count to potato & Windows 7 was my idea!

Remember those Windows 7 commercials? Where every Joe Blow was suddenly claiming that Windows 7 was THEIR idea? Well my name is Jamie and Windows 7 was MY idea…when an automatic Vista update corrupted files to load the operating system and I was left unplugged until I figured out a way to back up the content of my hard drive and attempt to repair Vista. A week and a half later, I managed to repair Vista and upgrade to Windows 7 to avoid the buggy problems all the techies talk about with Vista. Please don’t ask why two grown, working adults only have one laptop to work from – that’s another blog called “Why I’ll never buy a Toshiba laptop in my life” followed by a blog titled “What to do when your laptop emits smoke everyday for 2 years”.

I read an article today by Download Squad about Microsofts new slogan: “Be what’s next”. I don’t know if this is a new slogan, or what Microsoft developers keep dreaming, but I know I don’t really like it. I’ll admit it, I like Microsoft. I use my brother’s hand-me-down iPod and that’s about it. As I’ve just mentioned, my current computer is running a Microsoft operating system (even after another Microsoft operating system effectively self-imploded) and my computer prior to this was a Toshiba. It’s not that I dislike Apple or think Microsoft is better, it’s just what I’m used to and what I can afford right now. I just really, really dislike this new slogan.

More on this tittilating subject later…I’m on hour 19 of my day and need to catch a few zzzz’s in order to finish this thought!

Ch-ch-ch-check me out!

Trav and Drew over at OBVS are hosting a Ladies Night at Savoy (on Queen West) this Saturday night! In keeping with the “ladies” theme, they’ve got an awesome lady-DJ to keep us entertained all night. Why do I care? Because they’ve also asked me to get the party started! I’ll be DJing right before DJ Foxxtrott who was cool enough to make it onto the poster.

   I’ve never DJ’d anything more than a few songs at a party but since I love my own taste in music, I’m sure I will have a great time! If you know me, you should probably come out and have a good laugh with me. If you don’t know me, you should probably come out and have a good laugh at me. Or at least come for DJ Foxxtrott and the drink specials.

I don’t think I need to point out how similar Sasha Grey and I are now. She’s a brunette, I’m a brunette, her eyes are hazel, my eyes are hazel, she DJ’d a club on Queen West, *I’m* DJing a club on Queen West, she began her adult film career shortly after turning 18…well I guess that’s where the similarities end but I’d like to think people are just as excited to watch me play some of my favourite music, be totally snobby and not talk to anyone, and arrive 3 hours late.

I was going through Marketwire looking up news releases and I really like the Movember ones – I should also mention that I’m totally onboard with this Movember thing, which even surprises me. Not that I dislike good causes (in fact, I help run Rock For Humanity), but I’m generally against things that are just created to add “hype”. Then again, sometimes my marketing/publicity side comes out and even scares me a little.
Mo Movember next time…

Rambling Regrets

Here’s me, a little bit more “up close and personal” than I’m comfortable with right now.

I value education and am proud of my educational accomplishments. I’m a capricorn and the oldest child, which means I’m really stubborn and hard working. I guess that means I’m also a goat. I like to force my horoscopes to come true, and I LOVE reading. My favourite movie is a musical that my Nana and I watched every day when I was little. I’m inspired by the passion and compassion of others because I think these feelings are SO powerful. I’m trying to find my own passion everyday. Music is definitely one of my passions and I really wish I were musically-inclined. C’est la vie! My talents lie elsewhere 🙂

I am particularly interested in the power of music to shape our society and social movements, as well as the role of social media and new media in creating trends. This is where I see myself professionally, and I know I can do it all!

I like making lists and crossing things off them. You’ll never find me without a bottle of water and lip gloss. I like to work hard and I need to feel productive. I have a cat who only lives to eat and a boyfriend who I live to laugh with. And I’m puppy shopping! I’m embarrassed about it, but I love girly things like hearts and stars and pink and patterns and shoes. Finally, in my next life, I’m going to cover myself in tattoos from head to toe and sing in a popular punk band.


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Jamie Cuthbertson

Getting started…

Let’s get the introductions over with and get a little more comfortable:

As my short bio states, I am an aspiring public relations and communications superwoman. Although I have never had any difficulty in writing and actually enjoy writing formal pieces (I’ll credit U of T’s intense essay-beating for four years), I have always struggled with creative writing. More specifically, I have a really difficult time just choosing what to write about! This blog is not only an expression of myself and an attempt to highlight my communication skills, but also an attempt to force myself to write about topics I would never get to write about formally.

This blog will be formal and informal. Funny and serious. It will feature articles on topics of interest to me, concert reviews for shows I attend, album reviews for any music I can get my hands on, personal stories and experiences.

This blog will be me, and whatever I want it to become!