Resolution Time

I thought long and hard about New Years resolutions this year. I decided not to make one. Mostly because I couldn’t think of anything I could decide to do and follow through with for the rest of the year. I constantly work on trying to be more active and eat well and for the most part, I’m successful. Sometimes I guess. I want to call my mom more, tease my brothers less, do yoga, run a marathon, climb the CN Tower, make someone smile every day…and the list goes on. But none of these seemed resolution worthy.
Then I came up with it – ME! I have all of these professional goals spinning around in my head right now. They depend on finishing my courses, they depend on me building things like my blog and Twitter and being more creative every day. They depend on me reaching certain financial goals and taking risks.
2011 IS GOING TO BE ABOUT ME! And me reaching my goals.
It’s so rare that I am able to put myself before others. I’m constantly looking for ways to make other people feel good about themselves and reach their goals BUT MOVE OVER WORLD, IT’S MY TURN!

I’m going to tweet, blog, create, learn and grow. I’m going to build on my knowledge and put myself out there. I’m going to promote the hell out of myself and I’m going to succeed! (And I’m going to think positively while doing it!)

2011 is the year of ME!


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