Jamie 3.0

Introducing myself to 2011!

I’ve done some pretty cool things in terms of personal quests for knowledge so far this year and we’re only 26 days in! I participated in my first Twitter chat with #smmeasure, hosted by Marketwire and Sheldon at Sysomos, I’ve started using Hootsuite to manage my personal twitter, Rock For Humanity’s twitter and my WordPress blog, and I’ve got this fancy WordPress app on my phone now so hopefully I’ll be able to blog way more since I’m very rarely at my own personal laptop anymore. I’m hoping that my thumbs and writing skills don’t suffer from this Blackberry blogging…
I’ve started following some new blogs that keep me motivated, inspire me and help me maintain a positive attitude and its all helping! I checked out my Klout score and compared to other people I admire or who inspire me as well as people that I view to be “on my level” and I’ve set some personal goals to help improve my score. I suppose these are more personal goals since @JamieLeighTO is my personal account and noone measures it (yet) except myself. Personal goals are important to me because I like feeling motivated and accomplishing things. This is also why I make indepth to-do lists; I love crossing things off my list!

I’m extremely motivated right now to advance at my current job, excel in my PR certificate courses at U of T and start applying to Community Manager positions like this one at Redpath that I wish I could apply to. I’m not leaving my current job anytime soon, but my interest in PR and Social Media is currently driving me in a bunch of different directions and Community Management is something I’m really interested in. I’m waiting to finish my courses and certificate first so I have lots of skills and the time to really focus on something new.

Even friends of mine are really starting to succeed including Steve’s Eudora Foods. Steve and I were both students in the gifted program and were in the same, small classes from grade 5-8. We rode the short bus together 🙂
Steve is all up on Twitter and blogging so you should check him and his yummy sauces and recipes out.

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  1. Everything sounds awesome for you Jamie. Good luck!!


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