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I’ve had serious puppy fever for years. Since I was a kid I begged and begged and begged for a dog of my own. Instead, we got cats. Don’t get me wrong, I looove cats. There was a period of time in my life where I made friends vow they wouldn’t let me become that crazy cat lady you always see on tv. When I moved out of my parents house for the first time into my U of T dorm, it wasn’t long before I started missing the cats (Scratch & Siren) I had left behind at my parents house. I convinced my roommates to come with me down to the Humane Society to pick out a new furbaby that we should share for as long as we lived together, and then I would take over cat-ownership when we went our separate ways. We picked the cutest little badass and named him Trojan Man.

(Note: my uber-crap Toshiba that constantly overheated)

Anyways, years have passed and the Troj has stayed with me as planned. He’s my best friend and I’m his biggest enemy…except when I’ve got a can of food.

Then puppy fever hit again. And it hit hard. Yeah, the Troj is awesome and furry and cuddly but I think he plots to kill me while I sleep. I could never teach him to do any tricks – I can barely get him to eat slower so he doesn’t vomit immediately after he’s done. And he just ISN’T a puppy. Elissa and I used to e-mail pictures of puppies we found on of dogs we wanted. Finally, I reached out to a couple rescue organizations I was interested in to help me get my puppy.

I decided on the Boxer breed very early. The plan was to adopt a rescue and give a dog a second chance in a great home. Adopting a rescue had a few really major benefits for us: no worrying about housetraining, teething/chewing or basic training AND most rescues allow you to foster the dog for a couple weeks first to decide if you’re ready for a dog and if that dog is perfect for your lifestyle. I had spoken with a woman from Canine Connect A Care – a rescue based in London, Ontario that primarily rescues boxers – about a couple other dogs but the timing just wasn’t right. I regretfully told Jan that I would have to just wait it out and have her keep us on file in case a dog meeting our requirements turned up.

A few weeks later Jan called. She had a purebred, beautiful and great tempered boxer available for us to foster. If the foster period worked out and if he got along well with our cat, we could choose to adopt him. He was gentle, crate trained and eager to please. We agreed! Moe came to us a few days later and we were terrified, but Jan made herself available 24 hours a day to answer all of our silly new dog owner questions.

  Meet Moe


Moe is a 1 year old, purebred, stubborn, male boxer. His owners surrendered him to a kill shelter in rural Ohio with nothing more than a flimsy collar and a great personality. He was a model dogizen of the shelter and the shelter contacted a local rescuer that worked with Canine Connect a Care to let them know that this gentleman was going to be put down. The rescue had 24 hours to have him evaluated, vetted and on his way to foster care in Canada. They called him Relay for his vetting records because Jan said it was a crazy relay race to get him out of the shelter before his scheduled euthanasia!

It seems like Moe had been treated well by whoever owned him – we are so grateful for that! They had taken the time and money to have his dew claws removed and not only was he crate trained and housetrained, but he also knew all of his basic commands. He even knows not to eat food off the table or beg. His owners must have lived on a large property because he isn’t very good on a leash but we’re working on it. And the best news yet – him and Trojan are almost best buds, although Troj is still playing hard to get.

 I’m extra excited to spend this summer with my new puppy!

#TwestivalTO 2011

Last Thursday I attended #TwestivalTO in support of The Remix Project. Twestival local events are a great way to raise money for local non-profit initiatives while meeting all your fave online friends IRL.

Anita, Travis and I hit the town, ordered ourselves some #Tigerblood (Jack & Coke) and met a lot of the people we’ve been talking to online and made some great new friends!

                           (Photo taken from Flickr – TwestivalTO)

Not sure what we were expecting but it definitely wasn’t what we walked to in to! TwestivalTO was hosted at The Fifth and we walked in to the lights dimmed, DJ playing and got all dolled up to have our pictures taken.

(Photo by @motionblur –  TwestivalTO album can be found here.)

Nat and Marie hosted a Twidol Karaoke which was streaming live…and amazing! Unfortunately they were so busy and I was a bit too shy to meet them IRL (lame, huh?) so that will have to wait until next time. Also didn’t get to meet Casie…another case of being way too shy and having major respect for some cool women in my city! We’ll meet someday and I know it will be awesome!

In the end, we ended up raising $18,000 for The Remix Project – and had a damn good time doing it! Thank you to all of the organizers and volunteers for putting on this event!! I can’t wait for next year 🙂

(Photo by @motionblur –  TwestivalTO album can be found here.)


Bacchanal – that lovely wine bar/garden we went to in New Orleans. Its right on the river and across from a U.S. Naval Base that turned away many of the poor after Katrina.

Elissa reminded me today of this fun fact we learned about Bacchannal. This area, although right across from the river, didn’t flood during Katrina. It is in what’s called the “sliver on the river” that is above sea level due to the river depositing silt along its banks. Not only did this bar survive the levee’s breaking, but looters only took the spirits and small amount of cash and did not touch the wine and Bacchannal was able to reopen sooner.
Just a heartwarming fact for today 🙂

We In The Nola, Baby!

Spent the last week in New Orleans visiting an old roommate/best friend/former coworker. We were there for Mardi Gras and then a few days after so we had a chance to party and then do the touristy things when the roads were open again.

This was one of my favourite days in New Orleans. This was during the day on Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras means fat Tuesday and in reality my vacation was more like 8 days of fat). We went to pick up daiquiris and then headed down to the parade route. Elissa and Mara knew someone who lived on Magazine Street with a roof top looking onto the parade.

Contrary to the wet dreams rumours that float around, you don’t have to take your top off for beads. (Although if you want to, the leering old men on the balconies on Bourbon Street will probably love it.) I went to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter twice during mardi gras and only saw girls too drunk to walk nevermind lift their shirts.

Drinking hurricanes in front of Jackson Square.

Drinking at Bacchanal – a backyard wine bar with a live band. There were also chefs to cook anything from steak dinner to oysters and a man to cut up your choice cheeses and serve on a platter. You could buy wine from $10 to $200 bottles.

We did and saw so many great things! We took a tour of famous Lafayette cemetery and saw the oldest cemetery (St. Louis I), went on an Abita brewery tour, saw SO many parades, saw live bands, went to a Trombone Shorty concert, went shopping on Magazine Street, ate fresh oysters (and alligator and crawfish and catfish, and…), tried shrimp n’ grits and po’boys (remember how I said fat?), drank wine, beer and daquiries, tried the touristy Hurricanes and Hand Grenades, danced in the streets, caught beads, drove over the Causeway Bridge and so much more!

I’ll be talking about this vacation for a long, long time! But for now, I’ve got a ridiculous amount of work to catch up on…