Snuggie Sutra and Kitten Kuddlez

Of course I have a Snuggie. Are you surprised?

I got them for Jordan and I as a housewarming gift when we got our own place. Nowadays, the dog uses them more than we do. Until now…

A month or two ago I found another use for the Snuggie on the glorious interwebs:

Because cold arms have really been ruining my sex life and what isn’t sexier than this? You wouldn’t believe all the different things you can do with 2 blankets with sleeves and a pal, including the Matador, the Parachute and the Yes Ma’am. Personally, I’d go for these guys over the generic blue and red pieces:

Speaking of warm and snuggly

Have you seen this video of the mama cat hugging her baby kitten?



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