The Lazy Blog #WeekendWrapUp

I just lost this whole post when I hit “Publish” so now I’m angrily re-posting. Silly Jamie…you should know better!

Did a lot of this since I was ordered to keep off my feet due to a nasty infection in my leg last week. I blogged it. And complained a lot on Twitter.

I’ve loved having my downtime and lots of puppy cuddles, but I miss walking my boy. It relieves stress. Puppy hugs and snuggles are also a good stress release – you should try it!

I always blog about Moe – poor Troj wants to be internet famous too! He caught the nap bug too and took a catnap in the afternoon sun.

On Friday evening I had an appointment at Evoke Salon. I haven’t had a hair cut since my hair was a short bob more than 6 months ago.
Ryan hooked me up with a great cut to help me grow my hair out and we got along so well! I’ll be honest, I’m easy to please in the stylist’s chair. But one reason why I’ve had a hard time finding a stylist I like in Toronto is because I need to feel comfortable sitting in their chair and talking to them for an hour. Ryan was easy to talk to and I never felt like we were making dumb smalltalk to help the time go by faster.
Evoke – you just may be seeing my name in the appointment book again soon!

How awful are these tan lines?!  Yes…I’m normally that pale. I guess? Don’t worry, I got rid of those suckers later on in the weekend.
My parents seriously saved my butt this week. Mom sat in the waiting room with me at the hospital twice (and drove me to and from the hospital since I spent a disgusting amount on cabs).
This is me driving my Dad’s car (sunroof! Holler at your girl!). He had to carpool home from work so that I could have a car to drive to my appointments. If I had to take my crutches I would have never made it!

This is where I got rid of those awful tan lines. And here. Mom and I sat by the pool while we waited for Dad’s roast supper to be ready. My dad’s Yorkshire’s are better than your dad’s.

I went to famjam on Saturday for my aunt and uncle’s 25th wedding anniversary. Can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures…again! I get so caught up in talking with my family that I always forget to take pictures. Hoping for some good ones from my cousin’s boyfriend’s camera.

The boys were pooped Sunday night. And they don’t even have to go to work on Mondays…

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  1. Do your pets play nice?

    Are you already back to work?

    • They do! It took a long time to get the dog to leave the cat alone but we just kept training him about what was appropriate play with other animals. Now they snuggle and lick each other!

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