TO #heatwave playlist

Today was hot! We got up to 37 degrees, feeling like 49 with humidity. That’s hotter and more humid than it was in New Orleans today and that is crazy!

In a perfect world, right?

Since temperatures don’t seem to be getting much cooler until at least next week, I thought I’d put together a #heatwave playlist to help enjoy the #helterswelter. (P.S. That was trending for a bit today – I like it!)

I got some great suggestions from my Twitter friends:
Amy suggested Johnny Cash’s – Ring of Fire, Corina opted for Hot Town Summer in the City and Casey suggested the bumpin’ This Is Why I’m Hot.

And I added a bit of my own flavour including Drop It Like It’s Hot, Nelly’s Hot In Here and some Island riddems.
This is the perfect playlist to dance to next to the air conditioner or to make you forget about the heat and enjoy the sunshine!

You can listen to my playlist by clicking here.

What else should I add to the playlist? Let me know and I’ll update it!

I wanted to listen to “Hot in Here” allll day at work, but was worried about getting a bit too…inspired.

I made some fun weekend plans to help me enjoy this great weather. I’m thinking a night at the drive-in with friends and a picnic on the Island. It’s only Thursday so let’s see what other kinds of trouble I can get into…

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