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I hate construction…I miss you, blog!

Been trying not to update the blog while it’s under construction. Should be working on construction but a break to write feels nice. Plus I’m super stoked on some stuff.

Have you heard of Buying Shots for Bands?

They are a small group of writers, photographers and above all, music fans who interview some of my fave bands (and do shots with them). Pretty rad idea to me.

They are celebrating their 1st birthday this year with a Bands vs. Blogs dodgeball game! It’s going to be so much fun! I’m playing with some of my teammates from the Parkdale Dirt Squirrels (two time 1st place champions of Toronto Sport & Social Club)! I’ll be playing for this blog, and some of the other squirrels will be playing for the Four Treasons blog. I’ve missed dodgeball.

How do you feel about some guest-bloggage here? I know I mentioned it on Twitter and all, but Elissa (yes, hetero-life-partner Elissa) is going to be in 4 different states in like, one week or something! And I think that number may actually be 5 because she drove from New Orleans, Louisiana to Austin, Texas and I think she may have driven through Alabama on her way. When she gets back from all of her travels, I’m hoping she’ll write a guestblog on her travels. Elissa is wicked cool, and travels so much. Plus she’s a great writer and since and talk about her so much she should really make a personal appearance on the blog. I’m hoping she’ll share lots of her smarts and funny things she encountered living in New Orleans, driving to her new apartment in Austin, taking a trip to Montana and then visiting her mom in her hometown East Lansing. Girl has been (and lived) everywhere!

Going to have to have my American Girl sign me up for a Spotify account too so that I can use it!

I’m going on a real camping trip this weekend – no glamping!

(But how gorgeous does that look?!)

Heading to Algonquin so I’ll be off the grid for awhile. Going to roast marshmallows, make spidey-dogs (while trying to overcome my fear of the real-life spideys), hike, swim & climb. Most importantly, I’m going to relax and enjoy sounds. Like the sounds of a nice cold beer opening.

When I come back, the new blog is going to be PIMP and ready for your eyes!


Ever Creep out an MLB Player? Me either.

Since a ton of people find this blog everyday by looking for “Travis Snider’s girlfriend” or “does Travis Snider have a girlfriend” (which I assume could only be fueled by this post), I figured I might as well fuel the fire.

I have always been a fan of baseball. I played when I was younger and my dad was the coach. To anyone who thinks that would mean I’d get special treatment – let me tell you how my dad said I was too much of a space cadet to pitch and I would get hit in the face by the ball when I’m not paying attention. He could have gotten that idea from the fact that I spent most of my time in the outfield picking dandelions and running from bees, or he could have just made it up. I’ll let you decide.

I don’t claim to be a sports fan by any measure. Let’s get that straight first. But I like going to games, paying $12 for beers, and cheering for the Jays. And of course I have my favourite players…

I’ve been watching Travis Snider for about 2 seasons now, and although I don’t really understand baseball stats, I knew he was doing well for his first couple years in the major league. I also like that he played for the Lansing Lugnuts because heterosexual-life-partner Elissagrew up in East Lansing.

I also really like Snider for his looks.

It’s pretty unusual for me to fan-girl out over guys. After my childhood obsession with Devon Sawa and then pre-teen obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio, I never really got back into decorating my whole room with pictures of guys I liked.

I should also be clear that the famous guys I find attractive have absolutely NO bearing on the guys I find attractive IRL. I’m not sure why, that’s just how it goes. I’m also not that in to muscles, but part of the reason why I like Snider is because he’s a real beefcake of a man, and not in that disgusting Jersey Shore way. Not a big fan of mustaches (other than for comedic value), but Snider has one and I love it on him. Remember his mullet too? Also not something that makes me weak in the knees.

Yesterday the Blue Jays held an autograph session at the Jays Shop in the Eaton Centre with Travis Snider. Lindsay, a friend from work, and my younger brother got me all excited about going and getting his autograph. Again, not something I would normally do, but the Eaton Centre is a 2 minute walk from work and he would be signing during my lunch break. And did I mention I think Snider is incredibly attractive?

So I went!

I joked with my boyfriend before going that I was going to squeeze his biceps. Then it became this huge joke and I kept tweeting about it and suddenly I was in front of the REAL TRAVIS SNIDER asking “Can I take a picture with you? Can I touch your bicep in the picture? Okay thanks.” *SNAP* *REMEMBER TO BREATHE*

He totally flexed for me.
I’m pretty sure I’m blurry because I touched him and melted and he’s fake-smiling like “get this girl outta here”.

That night, Snider’s play definitely improved! He got 5 RBI and a home run and I cheered from the bathroom where I happened to be both times somehow.

If any other professional athletes are concerned about having played a bad game and need my special bicep squeeze to inject some extra swag into their play, I’m here to help you out.

Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky #WeekendWrapup

After this blog post and tomorrow’s #TOTweetUp, I will only exist online for the remainder of this week. I’ve got my big exam on Saturday morning so I’m going to lock myself in a room and shove my head in my books.

Most importantly, I promised myself a month ago that if I pull up my socks and study for this test then I get to reward myself on Sunday by buying my domain and get working on a new site to have fun from so there’s a fun, multi-coloured, creative light at the end of the tunnel.

Now excuse me while I #WeekendWrapup:

Kept the sunscreen industry in business at Edgefest 2011. Went with these awesome people, plus 4 more. No line up at guestlist willcall, no line up at the gates, no line up at the beer tents. After some major complaints about last week’s Tragically Hip Canada Day show, it looks like Downsview made some improvements that really worked.
Saw the Arkells, Gentlemen Husbands, Hollerado, Sheepdogs, Monster Truck, and Weakerthans and had SUCH a good time!

This is one of my fave bands, Gentlemen Husbands, covering Tom Petty’s American Girl. I took the video for hetero-life-partner Elissa since she’s back living life in the Big Easy and couldn’t make it. Decided it was about time I had my own Youtube account and posted it there. It’s bare bones right now but will be prettifying that too.

Someone told me attendance was at over 70,000. I was always bad at guessing the amount of gumballs in the jar but does that sound right to you?

Felt guilty about leaving Moe at home all day while we had fun at Edgefest, so on Sunday we compromised and brought him to Cherry Beach 🙂 Was a bit overcast but the sun came out while we were there. Moe’s a big chicken and is scared of the water but had a blast at the beach anyway.
This is the scene of the awful leash/rope burn on my ankle. 24 hours later and my ankle is cut up, swollen and disgusting. Can’t bend my ankle. Eeek! No time for hurt!

Went to a dinner party like a real grownup and took this creepy pic. I get all excited when (famous) people have the same name as me because growing up there was only ever Jamie-Lee Curtis (ew). Never even had songs with my name in it ‘cept this one.

Real grownup dinner party with a fantastic cook. Had chicken and shrimp, homemade falafel, greek salad, tabouli, fresh baked bread and a delish pecan pie for dessert. Everything was so delicious that I’m scared of my turn to host one.

Okay, back to the #homerunderby. Cheering for Bautista! #beastmode

Weekend Wrap Up

Our tickets to fun, knowledge and certain liver failure for the week.

Carly found this in the bathroom at the Elmo Wednesday night and sent it to me. Elissa’s writing, and Elissa’s initial. We lived together on Cecil Street with 3 other amazing girls for 2 years in university. Elissa doesn’t remember ever writing this.

I learned so much at NXNEi – so glad I took the time off work to attend the daytime panels. I’m going to dedicate a full blog post to both the music and interactive portions of the festival. I’m loving my iPhone>Blackberry for mirror shots.
Was glad to be busy doing all this stuff during the day so I couldn’t pay attention to the people destroying and looting Vancouver.

On Friday night we cruised venues like the El Mocambo and then Sneaky D’s but everything was too damn hot so we cooled off in a park for a bit and danced to music played off our phones. Poor Tim was stuck with 4 girls and we made him play on the slides with us.

Isn’t she gorgeous? I miss this girl more than I miss McDonalds pizza and Veronica Mars on TV. She moved to New Orleans this winter and I’m positive she’s to blame for the stellar weather all weekend. I wish we took more pictures together this weekend! Was so sad to see her go.

We hung out with some of our other fave girls and danced at the Gentlemen Husbands show at the Elmo. I swear, the Gentlemen Husbands have the coolest guitars, the nicest cowboy boots and the cutest girls dancing at their shows.

Like I tweeted from the show, I’m a sucker for any band that covers Tom Petty. Earlier in the day we saw the band at Yonge Dundas square and they played “American Girl”. At the Elmo they played “Won’t Back Down” (video and pictures by Carly).

Moe and I decided to chill on Sunday after 4 straight days of madness and we cuddled with some movies & delish ice cream from Black Dog on Queen West. This is our new fave spot in the ‘hood for chill Sundays. I like places that don’t treat my dog like a monster (and even have treats for him!)

Almost nice to be back at work so I can relax after a long, enjoyable NXNE festival. How many days until next year’s?

My NXNE & NXNEi 2011 Picks

The music portion of NXNE music festival kicks off next Wednesday with shows across the city. This will be my 5th year attending the festival and I’ve finally smartened up and booked Thursday and Friday off work so that I can see as many shows as possible and not suffer through my usual 6am wakeup the next morning.

Also very exciting is that in 10 short days my BFF/old roommate/former coworker/heterosexual-lifemate Elissa will be in town for a few days! We got hooked up with Priority Passes from the good folks at NXNE so we’ll be venue-hopping and band-groping from Thursday to Sunday together. You can follow what we’re up to on my Twitter and I’ll recap here when I have time.

One of my fave parts about NXNE last year was the huge (unofficial) role social media played throughout the festival.  While NXNE’s twitter account was very helpful last year, so was following the festival’s hashtags and people on my timeline to figure out what was going on at the venues they were at. You can find out who surprise performers are in time to get to the venue, or decide whether or not it’s worth leaving the venue you are currently at to head to another one. People were constantly updating about the length of lines at venues, whether shows were running on time (which is great if you’re debating waiting to see another band at the venue you are at before dashing out to the next one) or if shows were at capacity. I’m looking forward to see how NXNE embraces social media this year and hoping to use it to help me efficiently navigate (or drunkenly stumble) my way through this year’s festival.

I did a brief scan of the festival’s Schedulizer and picked out some conferences I’d like to check out, as well as selected some bands I’ve seen before and know I can’t miss this year. I still have so many bands to listen to and figure out who else I can fit in. This is my schedule so far:






9:30 A.M.

      The New Volunteers: Social Media and Emergencies or Influencing the Influencers


  Brand Loyalty 3.0 or The Black Hole of Facebook How to Grow Your User Base The Changing Experience of Music


2:15 P.M.

  Wheel Of Fortune/Misfortune: Conversations About Music & Stuff Profitable Social Media for Non-Profits Beyond MySpace: Musicians Connecting in New Ways

3:00 P.M.

      Gentlemen Husbands @ Y-D

3:30 P.M.

  Hootsuite – Building a Brand Music Marketing 2011 How to Create More, Better, Different


7:00 P.M.

    Junior Battles @ Phoenix  

8:00 P.M.

  Fucked Up @ Y-D   Mockingbird Wish Me Luck @ Opera House

9:00 P.M.

  Blackie Jackett Jr @ Y-D   Sheezer @ Sneaks

10:00 P.M.

    Stars @ Y-D or Jadea Kelly @ Dakota or Black Lungs @ Horseshoe Hot Water Music @ Opera House

11:00 P.M.

  Gavin Gardiner at 918 Bathurst C’Mon @ Horseshoe or Dum Dum Girls @ Lees Gentlemen Husbands @ Elmo

12:00 A.M.

Chuck Ragan & Dave Hause @ Elmo Parlovr @ Horseshoe Cunter @ Bovine or Fast Romantics @ Elmo Coppertone @ Elmo

1:00 A.M.

  Fucked Up @ Wrongbar Saint Alvia @ Elmo  

2:00 A.M.

       Sheezer @ Sneaks

Who are YOU going to see?

Seriously, tell me because I need your suggestions. Leave in the comments because my telepathy has been experiencing connection problems lately. Exceeded bandwidth or something.

I’ve also entered to win exclusive passes for me and 9 friends to the Exclaim! and Jägermeister Annual BBQ bash at the Cadillac Lounge on June 17th. Crossing my fingers and toes I win because that would be an awesome party to attend! I would post pictures of nachos and jager sno-cones all night to make you super jealous. Just kidding, I’d totally bring you with and we could dance to some Monster Truck and Young Rival together!


I’ve had serious puppy fever for years. Since I was a kid I begged and begged and begged for a dog of my own. Instead, we got cats. Don’t get me wrong, I looove cats. There was a period of time in my life where I made friends vow they wouldn’t let me become that crazy cat lady you always see on tv. When I moved out of my parents house for the first time into my U of T dorm, it wasn’t long before I started missing the cats (Scratch & Siren) I had left behind at my parents house. I convinced my roommates to come with me down to the Humane Society to pick out a new furbaby that we should share for as long as we lived together, and then I would take over cat-ownership when we went our separate ways. We picked the cutest little badass and named him Trojan Man.

(Note: my uber-crap Toshiba that constantly overheated)

Anyways, years have passed and the Troj has stayed with me as planned. He’s my best friend and I’m his biggest enemy…except when I’ve got a can of food.

Then puppy fever hit again. And it hit hard. Yeah, the Troj is awesome and furry and cuddly but I think he plots to kill me while I sleep. I could never teach him to do any tricks – I can barely get him to eat slower so he doesn’t vomit immediately after he’s done. And he just ISN’T a puppy. Elissa and I used to e-mail pictures of puppies we found on of dogs we wanted. Finally, I reached out to a couple rescue organizations I was interested in to help me get my puppy.

I decided on the Boxer breed very early. The plan was to adopt a rescue and give a dog a second chance in a great home. Adopting a rescue had a few really major benefits for us: no worrying about housetraining, teething/chewing or basic training AND most rescues allow you to foster the dog for a couple weeks first to decide if you’re ready for a dog and if that dog is perfect for your lifestyle. I had spoken with a woman from Canine Connect A Care – a rescue based in London, Ontario that primarily rescues boxers – about a couple other dogs but the timing just wasn’t right. I regretfully told Jan that I would have to just wait it out and have her keep us on file in case a dog meeting our requirements turned up.

A few weeks later Jan called. She had a purebred, beautiful and great tempered boxer available for us to foster. If the foster period worked out and if he got along well with our cat, we could choose to adopt him. He was gentle, crate trained and eager to please. We agreed! Moe came to us a few days later and we were terrified, but Jan made herself available 24 hours a day to answer all of our silly new dog owner questions.

  Meet Moe


Moe is a 1 year old, purebred, stubborn, male boxer. His owners surrendered him to a kill shelter in rural Ohio with nothing more than a flimsy collar and a great personality. He was a model dogizen of the shelter and the shelter contacted a local rescuer that worked with Canine Connect a Care to let them know that this gentleman was going to be put down. The rescue had 24 hours to have him evaluated, vetted and on his way to foster care in Canada. They called him Relay for his vetting records because Jan said it was a crazy relay race to get him out of the shelter before his scheduled euthanasia!

It seems like Moe had been treated well by whoever owned him – we are so grateful for that! They had taken the time and money to have his dew claws removed and not only was he crate trained and housetrained, but he also knew all of his basic commands. He even knows not to eat food off the table or beg. His owners must have lived on a large property because he isn’t very good on a leash but we’re working on it. And the best news yet – him and Trojan are almost best buds, although Troj is still playing hard to get.

 I’m extra excited to spend this summer with my new puppy!


Bacchanal – that lovely wine bar/garden we went to in New Orleans. Its right on the river and across from a U.S. Naval Base that turned away many of the poor after Katrina.

Elissa reminded me today of this fun fact we learned about Bacchannal. This area, although right across from the river, didn’t flood during Katrina. It is in what’s called the “sliver on the river” that is above sea level due to the river depositing silt along its banks. Not only did this bar survive the levee’s breaking, but looters only took the spirits and small amount of cash and did not touch the wine and Bacchannal was able to reopen sooner.
Just a heartwarming fact for today 🙂

We In The Nola, Baby!

Spent the last week in New Orleans visiting an old roommate/best friend/former coworker. We were there for Mardi Gras and then a few days after so we had a chance to party and then do the touristy things when the roads were open again.

This was one of my favourite days in New Orleans. This was during the day on Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras means fat Tuesday and in reality my vacation was more like 8 days of fat). We went to pick up daiquiris and then headed down to the parade route. Elissa and Mara knew someone who lived on Magazine Street with a roof top looking onto the parade.

Contrary to the wet dreams rumours that float around, you don’t have to take your top off for beads. (Although if you want to, the leering old men on the balconies on Bourbon Street will probably love it.) I went to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter twice during mardi gras and only saw girls too drunk to walk nevermind lift their shirts.

Drinking hurricanes in front of Jackson Square.

Drinking at Bacchanal – a backyard wine bar with a live band. There were also chefs to cook anything from steak dinner to oysters and a man to cut up your choice cheeses and serve on a platter. You could buy wine from $10 to $200 bottles.

We did and saw so many great things! We took a tour of famous Lafayette cemetery and saw the oldest cemetery (St. Louis I), went on an Abita brewery tour, saw SO many parades, saw live bands, went to a Trombone Shorty concert, went shopping on Magazine Street, ate fresh oysters (and alligator and crawfish and catfish, and…), tried shrimp n’ grits and po’boys (remember how I said fat?), drank wine, beer and daquiries, tried the touristy Hurricanes and Hand Grenades, danced in the streets, caught beads, drove over the Causeway Bridge and so much more!

I’ll be talking about this vacation for a long, long time! But for now, I’ve got a ridiculous amount of work to catch up on…