Je m’appelle Jamie. Je suis une fille.

I’m a University of Toronto graduate who applied with the intention of majoring in history and English, but was quickly won over by archaeology and the legal system. I finished school with a major in criminology and minors in both anthropology and sociology. Basically, I love monkeys and could give you the genus name (in Latin, of course) for all hominids from the very first all the way up to homo sapiens, and have a real soft spot for Egyptian history. While I can’t tell you how to commit “the perfect crime” (you wouldn’t believe how many people ask me that), I can probably answer a lot of the questions you may have about the Canadian justice process. Titillating, right?
I also have a post-grad diploma in Publicity and Public Relations. I’m beginning to think I’m addicted to school and am looking into taking French classes next.

I currently work as a desk jockey in the legal field which is pretty interesting. I’ve done lots of fun things including drafting legal documents, compiling evidence for trials and investigating potential intellectual property infringements.
After 5pm, I volunteer and help run non-profit organization Rock For Humanity and run their online community on Facebook and Twitter.
I also manage the online communities for a few local companies and small businesses and freelance in writing communications including press releases, copy and research-based articles for companies. I’m always looking for new professional opportunities – please contact me if you’re interested in working with me!

I’m a bookworm, but pretty selective in my reads now since my time seems to have diminished disappeared. I spend a lot of my time and money discovering new music and going to shows in the GTA. You can frequently find me googling pictures of puppies or taking self-shots with my own pupperz, Moe.

Other talents include: organizing junk drawers, slinging drinks, DJing (@DJLadyBlitz), Tetris, and singing songs about my dog.

  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i m a big fan of u

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