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Swarovski Translucent Pendant

Swarovski Translucent Pendant

Oasis peplum top
$45 –

Zara blazer

Mango mid-rise jeans
$53 –

H&M floral pants
$23 –

Platform boots
$61 –

Kate Spade leather handbag

Kate spade

Swarovski jewelry

This Blog is Dead to Me


There’s even a new post to read. How awesome is that?! You’re welcome.

I hate construction…I miss you, blog!

Been trying not to update the blog while it’s under construction. Should be working on construction but a break to write feels nice. Plus I’m super stoked on some stuff.

Have you heard of Buying Shots for Bands?

They are a small group of writers, photographers and above all, music fans who interview some of my fave bands (and do shots with them). Pretty rad idea to me.

They are celebrating their 1st birthday this year with a Bands vs. Blogs dodgeball game! It’s going to be so much fun! I’m playing with some of my teammates from the Parkdale Dirt Squirrels (two time 1st place champions of Toronto Sport & Social Club)! I’ll be playing for this blog, and some of the other squirrels will be playing for the Four Treasons blog. I’ve missed dodgeball.

How do you feel about some guest-bloggage here? I know I mentioned it on Twitter and all, but Elissa (yes, hetero-life-partner Elissa) is going to be in 4 different states in like, one week or something! And I think that number may actually be 5 because she drove from New Orleans, Louisiana to Austin, Texas and I think she may have driven through Alabama on her way. When she gets back from all of her travels, I’m hoping she’ll write a guestblog on her travels. Elissa is wicked cool, and travels so much. Plus she’s a great writer and since and talk about her so much she should really make a personal appearance on the blog. I’m hoping she’ll share lots of her smarts and funny things she encountered living in New Orleans, driving to her new apartment in Austin, taking a trip to Montana and then visiting her mom in her hometown East Lansing. Girl has been (and lived) everywhere!

Going to have to have my American Girl sign me up for a Spotify account too so that I can use it!

I’m going on a real camping trip this weekend – no glamping!

(But how gorgeous does that look?!)

Heading to Algonquin so I’ll be off the grid for awhile. Going to roast marshmallows, make spidey-dogs (while trying to overcome my fear of the real-life spideys), hike, swim & climb. Most importantly, I’m going to relax and enjoy sounds. Like the sounds of a nice cold beer opening.

When I come back, the new blog is going to be PIMP and ready for your eyes!

We Built This Blog on Rock N’ Roll (and WordPress CMS)

Since buying my own domain to host my blog going forward, I’ve spent the last few days doing lots of building and hard, sweaty work.

 (Except in reality it just looks like this):

 So excuse the rough appearance and slower updates while I pretty things up in here. Should only be a couple more days…

TO #heatwave playlist

Today was hot! We got up to 37 degrees, feeling like 49 with humidity. That’s hotter and more humid than it was in New Orleans today and that is crazy!

In a perfect world, right?

Since temperatures don’t seem to be getting much cooler until at least next week, I thought I’d put together a #heatwave playlist to help enjoy the #helterswelter. (P.S. That was trending for a bit today – I like it!)

I got some great suggestions from my Twitter friends:
Amy suggested Johnny Cash’s – Ring of Fire, Corina opted for Hot Town Summer in the City and Casey suggested the bumpin’ This Is Why I’m Hot.

And I added a bit of my own flavour including Drop It Like It’s Hot, Nelly’s Hot In Here and some Island riddems.
This is the perfect playlist to dance to next to the air conditioner or to make you forget about the heat and enjoy the sunshine!

You can listen to my playlist by clicking here.

What else should I add to the playlist? Let me know and I’ll update it!

I wanted to listen to “Hot in Here” allll day at work, but was worried about getting a bit too…inspired.

I made some fun weekend plans to help me enjoy this great weather. I’m thinking a night at the drive-in with friends and a picnic on the Island. It’s only Thursday so let’s see what other kinds of trouble I can get into…

Calling All My Artistic Friends #CVCollective

Calling all my super, spontaneous, creative, artistic friends…because I just found out about this cool opportunity to have your art displayed on three high traffic Toronto billboards! You can also submit your art for the chance to have it displayed at one of those uber trendy galleries you see on Queen West, courtesy of the Courvoisier Collective.

Am I the only person who immediately thinks of this every time they hear the word “Courvoisier”?

Not gonna lie…was fully expecting a party like that to break out when I had my first sip. It wasn’t ghetto fab, but it was pretty damn good.

I know it’s not surprising for me to be talking about a liquor brand in this space but I think you guys would be really interested in what Courvoisier has been up to since we’ve been singing “Pass the Courvoisier” with Busta (and even way before that). Courvoisier is committed to the revolutionary spirit, craftsmanship and innovation that led to their own cognac’s success. This is why they want to support the local artist community and renew the revolutionary nature of art. Plus, the connection between liquor and art is quite obvious, am I right?

Okay, enough of my lollygagging so you can get to the drawing boards. If you want your art to be considered for the BILLBOARD FREAKIN’ SHOWCASE you need to submit by TOMORROW! I know, I know, it’s last minute. But I know you artistic folk thrive under pressure and maybe you’ve already been working on something that fits the theme for this really awesome opportunity. Did I mention there was also CASH PRIZES?

But maybe you’re busy right now and you don’t really like billboards. Totally not your style. I get it. You can still submit your stuff to be showcased in Gallery 1313 from August 11-September 4, 2011. The deadline for that isn’t for another week – July 15, 2011. You can even sell your work at the show to raise some extra duckets for yourself.

So let me get down to the nitty gritty deets:

Artists are asked to explore the theme of “Renewal” in relation to the revolutionary role of art. You can explore the theme either with respect to art’s capacity to revolutionize its own content and form OR art’s potential to challenge the status quo. EASY, RIGHT?!

You can explore a bunch of different mediums, whether you’re comfortable with photography, painting, mixed media and printmaking, etc. All you have to do to submit is upload an image in digital JPG, GIF, TIF, or PNG format at It’s super easy, and you can see what other people have submitted there too.

So get on with your artsy selves! I want to see your art in public! I want to take pictures of me in front of your billboard or me checking you out in Gallery 1313! And I want you starving artists to make some money so we can all go out for drinks 🙂


Some Kinda Wrap Up…

Missed the last weekend wrap up after I went to Montreal, and I didn’t take enough pictures then or from this weekend at my parent’s place for a BBQ and pool-floating day. (Have I complained enough about my Nikon cam being in the shop for the past 7 weeks? Hoping it’s back in action for Edgefest this weekend!) Here is a wrap up of what I’ve been up to:

I took my first Megabus trip from Toronto to Montreal to meet boyfriend there for the weekend. I thought our bus driver was hilarious (by my 6am standards) until he told me we wouldn’t have time to run over to the Timmie’s in the SAME parking lot as the rest stop in Kingston. I felt so victorious when I got this for the last half of the trip and got some studying in since my computer had died.

These kids were DJs, I think they called themselves Eargasm. I caught them at a Supernova show in Montreal on Friday night. I’m not kidding, these 2 kids could DJ at Wrongbar and we’d all shit our pants and line up for hours to dance our sweaty pants off with them. Please someone in Toronto – book these guys at your club so I can come dance my jean shorts right onto your floor.

Then we saw Simon Walls play – great as always. Everyone in the bar was SO impressed by his voice and use of the loop pedal to make it sound like he had a whole band behind him. I really wish Simon could find a girl to walk across the country with him to sing with him. I love the way girls voices sound harmonized with his. There are some songs he sings where I can hear the girl’s voice where it’s supposed to be.
I told Simon I would learn to sing so that I could sing with him when I’m at the shows. I don’t sing in front of ANYONE, hate the sound of my own voice and don’t like talking into microphones. Simon says we have a long way to go…

Simon also says Raise your hand. Now put it down. HAW HAW SIMON DIDN’T SAY TO PUT YOUR HAND DOWN.

Was nice to see Simon in his own element in Montreal. The boys spoke French and I chimed in with phrases I strung together with my basic vocab (like “Le oiseaux caca sur l’auto”). Simon brought us to La Rockette which was just our scene. I got a kick out of the unisex bathroom!

This made me giggle. I love funny WIFI names. More giggles here.

I did some shopping and walked through Montreal Jazz Fest. Was supposed to be finding the car but I was distracted by so many cool street performers.

Love the Toronto skyline. I love coming back into the city after some time away. This is my home! This view makes me happy to be a Torontonian. Isn’t our skyline pretty?

My brother’s both graduated within a few days of each other. One finished grade 8, the other grade 12. Both are starting new things in September and I’m so excited for them! I always get them to make this face dating back to an old e-mail forward we loved when people actually read e-mail forwards.

One fun thing about your brother’s grad being held at the Powerade Centre in Toronto – popcorn during the ceremony. My dad and I sat next to each other and made up the peanut gallery for the ceremony. Mom turned around and yelled at us. We had fun cheering for my brother and his girlfriend. Fun fact: My fam lives on a small crescent in North Brampton. 8 kids in my brother’s graduating class live on our street!

The other fun thing about your brother’s grad being held at the Powerade Centre is posing for pics like this. Boyfriend thinks I’m a closet puck bunny (untrue) so he’ll love finding this picture. Fun fact: I did used to go to tons of Battalion games and I loved going to talk to the players after the game. I had a few of them on ICQ, including Raffi Torres.


Travis Snider!

I’ve been complaining ever since he got sent back down to the minors that the Jays don’t know what they’re doing. On Saturday I commented to my brother and the boyfriend that I was going to boycott watching Jays games until they brought him back.
Sunday afternoon I heard he was being called back for Monday’s game. The boys got a kick out of that! Good thing I didn’t have to boycott because I do enjoy watching the games.

Today Snider got 3 Doubles and 2 RBI’s so my brother tweeted that I should manage the Jays. Yeah, basically.

Weekend Wrap Up

Our tickets to fun, knowledge and certain liver failure for the week.

Carly found this in the bathroom at the Elmo Wednesday night and sent it to me. Elissa’s writing, and Elissa’s initial. We lived together on Cecil Street with 3 other amazing girls for 2 years in university. Elissa doesn’t remember ever writing this.

I learned so much at NXNEi – so glad I took the time off work to attend the daytime panels. I’m going to dedicate a full blog post to both the music and interactive portions of the festival. I’m loving my iPhone>Blackberry for mirror shots.
Was glad to be busy doing all this stuff during the day so I couldn’t pay attention to the people destroying and looting Vancouver.

On Friday night we cruised venues like the El Mocambo and then Sneaky D’s but everything was too damn hot so we cooled off in a park for a bit and danced to music played off our phones. Poor Tim was stuck with 4 girls and we made him play on the slides with us.

Isn’t she gorgeous? I miss this girl more than I miss McDonalds pizza and Veronica Mars on TV. She moved to New Orleans this winter and I’m positive she’s to blame for the stellar weather all weekend. I wish we took more pictures together this weekend! Was so sad to see her go.

We hung out with some of our other fave girls and danced at the Gentlemen Husbands show at the Elmo. I swear, the Gentlemen Husbands have the coolest guitars, the nicest cowboy boots and the cutest girls dancing at their shows.

Like I tweeted from the show, I’m a sucker for any band that covers Tom Petty. Earlier in the day we saw the band at Yonge Dundas square and they played “American Girl”. At the Elmo they played “Won’t Back Down” (video and pictures by Carly).

Moe and I decided to chill on Sunday after 4 straight days of madness and we cuddled with some movies & delish ice cream from Black Dog on Queen West. This is our new fave spot in the ‘hood for chill Sundays. I like places that don’t treat my dog like a monster (and even have treats for him!)

Almost nice to be back at work so I can relax after a long, enjoyable NXNE festival. How many days until next year’s?

Snuggie Sutra and Kitten Kuddlez

Of course I have a Snuggie. Are you surprised?

I got them for Jordan and I as a housewarming gift when we got our own place. Nowadays, the dog uses them more than we do. Until now…

A month or two ago I found another use for the Snuggie on the glorious interwebs:

Because cold arms have really been ruining my sex life and what isn’t sexier than this? You wouldn’t believe all the different things you can do with 2 blankets with sleeves and a pal, including the Matador, the Parachute and the Yes Ma’am. Personally, I’d go for these guys over the generic blue and red pieces:

Speaking of warm and snuggly

Have you seen this video of the mama cat hugging her baby kitten?


Yesterday got a little Exotic…

After work yesterday Anita and I kicked Friday longweekendtraffic butt and jetted over to a party hosted by Eudora Fine Foods.

Eudora is a growing startup company by my old schoolmate/entreprenerd Steve who has put together a collection of specialty sauces and preserves inspired by his family’s Indian roots.

Steve showed us how quick and easy it is to make delicious and healthy meals in 10 minutes – he added raw chicken to a Eudora specialty sauce (we had the Khaldin) and let simmer for 10 minutes. While we waited for the chicken Khaldin to cook we were invited to sample the rest of Eudora’s sauces and preserves.

We tried the butter chicken, kofta, vindaloo, coconut curry, green curry, and chili chutney.

Anita and Steve even got together earlier this week and made some yum Eudora desserts. We had mango chutney and rosemary thumbprints as well as mango chutney and sharp cheddar palmiers. Anita is great at scheming up dessert applications for the chutneys and I’m already drooling over her next creations. She said they were super easy and quick to make!

The thing that I love about Eudora’s sauces is the number of different dishes you can make. I tried the Green Curry a few months ago and marinated some steak in it for 12 hours and then cooked it. I served it with some curried rice and chick peas and bam – dinner. I had a little Green Curry left, so I added it to my omelette that weekend. You don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing or marinating – Eudora is meant for people who want good quality, healthy meals in a rush. I tried the Butter Chicken and had dinner ready in 10 minutes so I didn’t even miss a Twitter meme exploding.

This time I bought the Coconut Curry and the spicier Vindaloo to see what fun stuff I can make! These pre-made sauces are great for people like me who would sometimes rather eat some peanut butter on a pita than spend my time making an actual meal. It’s probably also great for families who are looking for nutritious meals for their kids before soccer practice, baseball pictures and school bbqs because I know my mom always struggled to find new, fun things for us to inhale before our extracurriculars.

Other fun facts about Eudora:
They use fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. There are no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, so you know exactly what’s in your food. Their products are available at the Blue Banana in Kensington Market or the Sherway Gardens Market. There’s also FREE delivery to the GTA! Steve’s always looking for new stores to carry his products, restaurants to use them, or people that want them delivered right to their door. You can make him smile by saying hi to him on twitter.

You can find Eudora recipes here and every jar comes with a recipe suggestion for its contents.