I Don’t Care That You Think Casey Anthony is Guilty!

Now here I go gettin’ all ranty…

I have refrained from commenting on the Casey Anthony verdict announced yesterday because I don’t think I know enough about the case. I was not a juror, and I was not privy to the evidence and testimony presented in court throughout the duration of Anthony’s trial. But here’s some news: neither were you. Sure, you read some articles in the news, and heard other opinions presented by the mass media, but what do you really know?

I’m sick of hearing people everywhere I go talk about how the jury was wrong, how they would have convicted her on the charge of first-degree murder and how they hope some vigilante gives Anthony “what she deserves”.

For the 25-year old woman accused of killing her 2-year old daughter, justice was served. Because in my mind, one of the cornerstones of the North American justice systems is the right to a fair trial.

Look how quick we are to point to a “flawed” justice system for “failing” us. Believe it or not, the justice system usually works. With hundreds of years of precedents in common law, we have narrowed down the room for error in trials as best we can and have developed a system that the majority of people are happy with, for the most part.

We would all like to think that if we had sat on the jury at the Anthony trial that the verdict would have been different. It’s easy to dismiss the twelve jury members as brain-dead idiots who all came to the wrong conclusion after hearing the evidence. Unfortunately, being a juror isn’t about deciding right and wrong. There are far more complex legal rules that led to Casey Anthony being found not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse.

One thing people always forget about the law is that you need to prove someone did what you have accused them of. In order to convict someone of a crime they are accused of you must prove actus reus (the criminal act) and the mens rea (the intention to carry out the criminal act).

In the Anthony case, it is clear that 2-year-old Caylee died, but it is not clear how. The prosecution was unable to prove how Caylee died. It was suggested during the trial that Caylee may have drowned and her mother hid her body, but it was also suggested that Casey suffocated her using chloroform and duct tape. So which one are we convicting her of then? The prosecution was unable to prove the actus reus – the main element! – of the case.

In terms of the mens rea, we can all come up with various reasons as to why Casey may have wanted to rid herself of the responsibilities of being a single mother (allegedly so she could have the party-life she had always wanted and be with her boyfriend or because she suffered from ptsd from years of alleged sexual abuse by her father) but the prosecution was not able to prove that Casey intended to kill her daughter in order to achieve this.

The other important thing to remember is that one of the safeguards of the justice system in both Canada and the U.S. is the need to prove these elements beyond a reasonable doubt. If you have any tiny smidgen of doubt the facts that the prosecution has presented you cannot convict the accused. The facts (as presented by the prosecution) must be so convincing and obvious that you have no doubt as to their truth. If the defence is able to make you doubt the truth of the charges against the accused, you cannot convict. Seeing as the prosecution was not even able to prove how Caylee died, how can they expect to convince the jury that Casey was responsible for it?

Not only does this safeguard exist, but the judge spends the entire trial charging the jury. In plainspeak, this means that the judge spends his time explaining complex legal concepts such as guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and actus reus and mens rea so that the jury is fully capable of making these life-altering decisions on our behalf.

Imagine if it were the other way around – if it were so easy to take away someone’s right to freedom and liberty. Wouldn’t we all be up in arms about that? If it were at all possible that Anthony had killed her daughter, or had negligently let her drown, we should put her in jail right away despite a total lack of evidence. In Florida, hastily convicting Casey Anthony of first-degree murder would be sentencing her to execution based on the (lack of) evidence available.

We also forget that motive does not prove someone committed a crime. Just because Casey may have wanted to have less responsibility and party more, we can’t assume that she would kill her own daughter in order to do so. Lots of mothers may feel like that every once in awhile. Do you think your own mother didn’t wish she could go out for dinner without you every once in a while? Sure! But she didn’t kill you. And why can’t we extend the same consideration towards Casey Anthony?

Everyone is quick to assume that justice for little Caylee was not served in the courtroom on July 5, but I argue that it was because justice for Caylee includes a fair trial for her killer, not a potential wrongful conviction to satisfy the public’s need for a Hollywood ending to a sensationalized case.

Until the prosecution can get a case together, with actual evidence, justice for Caylee will have to wait. Instead of calling for vigilante justice and a reformed justice system, let us maintain our trust and faith in the justice system and hope they find Caylee’s real killer, or that new evidence implicating Casey Anthony in the murder of her daughter comes to light.


Why I Don’t Drink & Drive

All of the uproar on the Casey Anthony verdict got me thinking. I have refrained from commenting on the verdict because I don’t know the facts or what transpired in that courtroom. I do believe if Casey Anthony truly is guilty she will be found out and punished for her actions in a court of law.

But I am also a strong believer in karma and I think people do really get what they deserve. I’m going to tell you a more personal story then I usually do… This issue really hits close to home and explains why I feel VERY strongly about drinking and driving. That’s one reason why I’m so happy to live in a city like Toronto where public transit and cabs are so readily available and I don’t need to worry about getting a bit tipsy and having to drive myself home.

In the summer of August 1995, I lived in a small townhouse complex in Malton. I was 2 doors down from  my best friend, and across the street from 2 of my parents best friends. My parent’s friends had a 17 year old son named Mike and although we didn’t run in the same crowds (I was only 8 years old at the time!) I hung out with his family a lot and frequently watched him play ball-hockey with the other boys his age in the park attached to our complex. He babysat me and my brother a few times and I adored the puppy-love relationship between him and his girlfriend, Anna. I thought they were both so beautiful.

Mike and Anna in 1995

Mike’s grandparents had a cottage on Rice Lake, near Peterborough. We spent a lot of time at the cottage and I learned to fish and bury my head in a good book until the sun set and the bonfire started. Mike spent a lot of time at the cottage too, hanging out with his friends who lived in neighbouring cottages or around the lake.

In the summer of 1995, Mike was walking home with two twin sisters he was friends with. They walked the dark, country dirt-roads home together. On their walk home, a truck went by them. The driver was the twin’s brother and one of Mike’s best friends. He swerved towards the three teens as a joke. He was drunk and his judgment was a bit off. Mike saw what was happening and pushed the girls out of the way, saving their lives. Mike was hit and although I never learned the details, it wasn’t good. He died a few hours later.

The driver was caught. He fled the scene of the accident after hitting Mike, but the cops showed up at his house a few hours later. The laws surrounding drunk driving weren’t as advanced as they are now and while the drunk driver had his license taken away for a long time, he barely served any time in jail.
Sidenote: This is what Mike’s parents wanted as well: the drunk driver rotting away in jail would not bring their son back. A suspended license would ensure that he couldn’t hurt anyone else.

Just a couple years ago I heard news of the drunk driver who had killed Mike. He was partying on Rice Lake, in the same community he killed Mike in. He was driving a boat and had too much to drink. He lost control while taking a sharp turn  and fell over the side. As the boat went over him, the motor cut off both of his legs.

It took a long time, but karma really was a bitch. He may have kept his life, but we will forever be reminded of the life he took away, and what his poor choices involving alcohol brought him.

Mike wasn’t so lucky. He paid for someone else’s poor choices, which is why I will never make the choice to get behind the wheel after I’ve had anything to drink.

Mike in 1995


An afterthought: I didn’t tell Mike’s parents that I planned on writing this. My parent’s are still close friends with them and see them often.  I hope that if they ever read this, they don’t mind me sharing the story of their loss especially if it leads to more people making smarter choices and not driving drunk.

Don’t let Mike’s death be in vain – please don’t drink and drive!

Has your life been affected by drunk driving? Please feel free to share your story in the comments.

Some Kinda Wrap Up…

Missed the last weekend wrap up after I went to Montreal, and I didn’t take enough pictures then or from this weekend at my parent’s place for a BBQ and pool-floating day. (Have I complained enough about my Nikon cam being in the shop for the past 7 weeks? Hoping it’s back in action for Edgefest this weekend!) Here is a wrap up of what I’ve been up to:

I took my first Megabus trip from Toronto to Montreal to meet boyfriend there for the weekend. I thought our bus driver was hilarious (by my 6am standards) until he told me we wouldn’t have time to run over to the Timmie’s in the SAME parking lot as the rest stop in Kingston. I felt so victorious when I got this for the last half of the trip and got some studying in since my computer had died.

These kids were DJs, I think they called themselves Eargasm. I caught them at a Supernova show in Montreal on Friday night. I’m not kidding, these 2 kids could DJ at Wrongbar and we’d all shit our pants and line up for hours to dance our sweaty pants off with them. Please someone in Toronto – book these guys at your club so I can come dance my jean shorts right onto your floor.

Then we saw Simon Walls play – great as always. Everyone in the bar was SO impressed by his voice and use of the loop pedal to make it sound like he had a whole band behind him. I really wish Simon could find a girl to walk across the country with him to sing with him. I love the way girls voices sound harmonized with his. There are some songs he sings where I can hear the girl’s voice where it’s supposed to be.
I told Simon I would learn to sing so that I could sing with him when I’m at the shows. I don’t sing in front of ANYONE, hate the sound of my own voice and don’t like talking into microphones. Simon says we have a long way to go…

Simon also says Raise your hand. Now put it down. HAW HAW SIMON DIDN’T SAY TO PUT YOUR HAND DOWN.

Was nice to see Simon in his own element in Montreal. The boys spoke French and I chimed in with phrases I strung together with my basic vocab (like “Le oiseaux caca sur l’auto”). Simon brought us to La Rockette which was just our scene. I got a kick out of the unisex bathroom!

This made me giggle. I love funny WIFI names. More giggles here.

I did some shopping and walked through Montreal Jazz Fest. Was supposed to be finding the car but I was distracted by so many cool street performers.

Love the Toronto skyline. I love coming back into the city after some time away. This is my home! This view makes me happy to be a Torontonian. Isn’t our skyline pretty?

My brother’s both graduated within a few days of each other. One finished grade 8, the other grade 12. Both are starting new things in September and I’m so excited for them! I always get them to make this face dating back to an old e-mail forward we loved when people actually read e-mail forwards.

One fun thing about your brother’s grad being held at the Powerade Centre in Toronto – popcorn during the ceremony. My dad and I sat next to each other and made up the peanut gallery for the ceremony. Mom turned around and yelled at us. We had fun cheering for my brother and his girlfriend. Fun fact: My fam lives on a small crescent in North Brampton. 8 kids in my brother’s graduating class live on our street!

The other fun thing about your brother’s grad being held at the Powerade Centre is posing for pics like this. Boyfriend thinks I’m a closet puck bunny (untrue) so he’ll love finding this picture. Fun fact: I did used to go to tons of Battalion games and I loved going to talk to the players after the game. I had a few of them on ICQ, including Raffi Torres.


Travis Snider!

I’ve been complaining ever since he got sent back down to the minors that the Jays don’t know what they’re doing. On Saturday I commented to my brother and the boyfriend that I was going to boycott watching Jays games until they brought him back.
Sunday afternoon I heard he was being called back for Monday’s game. The boys got a kick out of that! Good thing I didn’t have to boycott because I do enjoy watching the games.

Today Snider got 3 Doubles and 2 RBI’s so my brother tweeted that I should manage the Jays. Yeah, basically.

Cottaging with Rob Ford

The internet was all abuzz yesterday with reports that Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford would not be attending this year’s Gay Pride Parade in order to fulfill long-standing family commitments to go to a cottage. His family trip to Muskoka is a yearly event held on the same weekend every year – and who are we plebes to argue that the Mayor of Toronto could re-schedule such an important tradition?

According to an article in the Globe and Mail:

Mayors of Toronto have been marching in the parade since Barbara Hall wore the chain of office. Police Chief Bill Blair makes a point of being there to build bridges to the gay community. So do provincial and federal cabinet ministers of all political stripes. Brian Burke, general manager of the Leafs, is marching.

(image courtesy of the Globe and Mail)

Initial reactions to Ford’s announcement were negative. In fact, the article referenced above is titled “Mayor misses out on opportunity to celebrate diversity”. The Toronto mayor’s first commitment should be to support Toronto’s gay community by attending a parade that is historically linked to improving gay rights in our progressive city. Some argue events like the Pride parade led to increased rights and acceptance of the gay community in Toronto, and even Canada.

@corecorina’s thoughts shared on Twitter echoed the sentiment of many:

Others argued that Ford should support something that, if for nothing else, feeds a lot of money ($MILLIONS$) into Toronto and garners positive attention to the city on a national scale, which is especially important after last year’s G20 disaster.

It wasn’t long before the other side spoke up. He has commitments! Family commitments! Shouldn’t we respect the fact that he has put his family before his job?! Isn’t that what we would all do? This is a long-standing tradition!

Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I am also entitled to think that opinion is, well…stupid.
Rob Ford’s job as mayor is TEMPORARY. It relies on the fact that Torontonian’s are happy with him as mayor, and happy with his choices. Unfortunately, sometimes that includes his personal choices and the community’s judgment of his priorities.

He is the mayor of the largest cities in Canada. Toronto just so happens to have a large gay population. Assuming Rob Ford is enjoying his new position as MAYOR of the damn city, he may want to keep said position. This means he should probably try to appeal to every segment of the population that he can to ensure his position is a little less temporary.

More importantly, in my opinion, is the fact that this even became an issue. Where are this man’s handlers? His media people? Maybe even a publicity rep? ANYONE?! Surely he has been coached on how to speak to the media.

All Ford needed to say to make this a non-issue is that: No, he regrets that previous obligations to his family would prevent him from attending the parade itself, but he would be attending ___________ event or hosting ________ event to kickoff the Pride festivities in Toronto, because he understands the important of this event in Toronto and he fully supports it. (Assuming he does support it – am I going too far here?)

(image courtesy of Slap Upside the Head)

Now let’s see what other commitments Rob Ford has to keep him away from Caribana Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival…

This is what I tweeted today about the Ford Pride Parade controversy:



And seriously, before you judge Rob Ford you should really google “cottaging”. Because maybe he’s a much bigger gay pride supporter than we thought…

Weekend Wrap Up

Our tickets to fun, knowledge and certain liver failure for the week.

Carly found this in the bathroom at the Elmo Wednesday night and sent it to me. Elissa’s writing, and Elissa’s initial. We lived together on Cecil Street with 3 other amazing girls for 2 years in university. Elissa doesn’t remember ever writing this.

I learned so much at NXNEi – so glad I took the time off work to attend the daytime panels. I’m going to dedicate a full blog post to both the music and interactive portions of the festival. I’m loving my iPhone>Blackberry for mirror shots.
Was glad to be busy doing all this stuff during the day so I couldn’t pay attention to the people destroying and looting Vancouver.

On Friday night we cruised venues like the El Mocambo and then Sneaky D’s but everything was too damn hot so we cooled off in a park for a bit and danced to music played off our phones. Poor Tim was stuck with 4 girls and we made him play on the slides with us.

Isn’t she gorgeous? I miss this girl more than I miss McDonalds pizza and Veronica Mars on TV. She moved to New Orleans this winter and I’m positive she’s to blame for the stellar weather all weekend. I wish we took more pictures together this weekend! Was so sad to see her go.

We hung out with some of our other fave girls and danced at the Gentlemen Husbands show at the Elmo. I swear, the Gentlemen Husbands have the coolest guitars, the nicest cowboy boots and the cutest girls dancing at their shows.

Like I tweeted from the show, I’m a sucker for any band that covers Tom Petty. Earlier in the day we saw the band at Yonge Dundas square and they played “American Girl”. At the Elmo they played “Won’t Back Down” (video and pictures by Carly).

Moe and I decided to chill on Sunday after 4 straight days of madness and we cuddled with some movies & delish ice cream from Black Dog on Queen West. This is our new fave spot in the ‘hood for chill Sundays. I like places that don’t treat my dog like a monster (and even have treats for him!)

Almost nice to be back at work so I can relax after a long, enjoyable NXNE festival. How many days until next year’s?

Look Who Finally Decided to Show Up…

I’ve been waiting anxiously ever since I bought a frame for my diploma and wrote the exam for my last PR course (yes, in that order). I even called U of T to make sure this pretty young thang wouldn’t get lost in the mail with the rolling Canada Post strikes. And here. it. is. Kind of of anti-climatic, so I’m making it more exciting!

It’s another piece of paper to put on my wall!

Here is it in its frame!

Here it is with it’s bigger cousin, Mr. Hons Bach Arts.

Now what next? I’m considering either taking writing or French courses next winter because I enjoy doing both but definitely need more practice. I’m all CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME knowledge sometimes and not enough CREATE CREATE CREATE.

On Friday I went by M for Mendocino where my friend Carly works. Carly is an awesome firecracker of a girl who gets fashion, knows my style, and is a great stylist. She picked me out 30+ things to try on and I ended up with these (although I’m still seriously considering going back for that romper):

Okay, noticed when I was paying that they are all stripes. I don’t mind! Carly kept my NXNE Fashion post in mind and picked me out some cute shirts for the festival.

If you need someone to help you refresh your wardrobe for summer – holler at Carly or visit her at Mendocino on Queen West. I love that she isn’t afraid to tell you when something doesn’t look good, and she’s always quick to suggest something that may be better for your body type. I always struggle to remember that it isn’t worth wearing something trendy if it just isn’t meant for you.

The other girls that work there were really nice too, and very patient as I took up a fitting room while Carly shopped for me.

Was a bit bummed over the weekend because the forecast called for rain at the end of the week, which is especially a bummer because it’s NXNE. When I woke up this morning I found that the weather gods (or lack thereof) have decided to temporarily appease me and offer me this for the 7 day forecast:

For the past 5 years that I’ve attended NXNE, it’s rained every year! I’m looking forward to dry lineups, squeek-less shoes and non-frizzy hair. Hell, maybe even some of that S-word. Starts with “suh”, ends in “unshine”.

Finally, I know my pictures are crap. Such crap. In February I bought a brand new Nikon. I’m normally a Canon girl, but wanted to give the Nikon a try. When I brought it on vacation in February I realized it was broken – the lens is jammed so it doesn’t open all the way. Ruined all my vacation pictures because now they all have some silly black frame on them. Finally got the receipt from my parents house and tried to exchange it at Future Shop but they have to send it back to Nikon and I have to wait 6-8 weeks before they let me know if they’re going to give me a new camera or not. SUCKS. So now I’m camera-less and busy. I have been attending so many fun events and want to take pictures at NXNE this weekend and my trip to Montreal next weekend. Wish cameras worked like cell phones and you could have a loaner while they tinkered with yours.

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend in pictures…

Moe and I got our espresso on at one of the Starbucks on Queen West.
To everyone who tried to guess my order: it was an Iced tall non-fat sugar-free caramel latte. I did a brief stint at Starbs as an undergrad so I know how I like my drinks.

Then Amy, Jordan and I got all fancy to go to Sean and Steve’s housewarming at their brand new condo. We had serious wine and cheese-in going down. Best thing about gay men is they don’t eat all the cheese you brought so you can stuff your face first.

CN Tower before the Jays game on Sunday against Boston. Jordan and I talked about having a total tourist day and doing things we would never normally do. He wants to go up the Tower and I want to go on one of those tour buses, or a walking tour of a neighbourhood of the city.

Jays got creaaamed by Boston. We went for my friend Lindsay’s birthday celebrations. We got slurries so life was okay, and the sun peeked in and out a bit. I’m still waiting for them to call Snider back up. Mustache, mullet n’ all – let’s go!

After the game we stopped by Lou Dawgs. LOVE this place. We met Darryl and did some shots of Fireball with him. Had the slider sampler because we were only snacky. Service was amazing and everyone was so friendly! Hope we can go back soon. I really want to try the loutine, the smoked turkey breast wrap and the pulled pork sammie! Wanted to get one po-boy style when we were there because po-boys remind me of Nola 🙂

My NXNE 2011 Fashion Picks

With NXNE only 7 days away and my tentative schedule already figured out, it’s time to get down to business: what to wear. If you’re like me, you’d rather buy new clothes than wash most of your old ones. And if you’re like me, you’re also on a budget because your love for clothes must share wallet space with your love for partying every weekend, going out for brunch and pho. So here’s one for the girls (or the fashionably-curious men – rawr).

Dressing for NXNE relies on a very volatile formula:

With all of these variables constantly changing, it’s important to get your first outfit right and be able to fit a light jacket and umbrella in your purse just in case.

Here’s a set of looks I’ve created that showcase what you can find me wearing during NXNE.

NXNE 2011 Fashion Picks



Now I’m not very daring when it comes to dressing myself. I prefer darker colours (sometimes paired with bold coloured or patterned shoes or accessories) and minimal prints, so my looks are based on those preferences. To me, NXNE is one part music, one part style, and 8 parts practicality. Wearing heels just doesn’t make sense if you are going to be out from noon until 4a.m. and may have to run for cabs, or to grab poutine and make it to the next venue in time. I’ve picked out some shoes with both style and practicality in mind to go with any outfit.

These quick, simple and basic looks paired with an eye-catching ring or cute vintage pocketwatch and some bright red tint for your lips is the perfect way to pull off a put-together look while still looking like you didn’t spend 2+ hours getting ready. And trust me, guys (and chicks) dig that.

Finally, I hate being under-dressed when the night cools down (let’s face it, shivering and complaining is not cute) so I’ve paired the shirts and tanks I’ve chosen with vests or jackets, depending on what the forecast calls for next week. I tend to carry a suitcase larger purse so I always have the essentials tucked away in there should I need them.

With outfits this easy and inexpensive to put together, you’ll have more money for band merch and shots at the bar!




My NXNE & NXNEi 2011 Picks

The music portion of NXNE music festival kicks off next Wednesday with shows across the city. This will be my 5th year attending the festival and I’ve finally smartened up and booked Thursday and Friday off work so that I can see as many shows as possible and not suffer through my usual 6am wakeup the next morning.

Also very exciting is that in 10 short days my BFF/old roommate/former coworker/heterosexual-lifemate Elissa will be in town for a few days! We got hooked up with Priority Passes from the good folks at NXNE so we’ll be venue-hopping and band-groping from Thursday to Sunday together. You can follow what we’re up to on my Twitter and I’ll recap here when I have time.

One of my fave parts about NXNE last year was the huge (unofficial) role social media played throughout the festival.  While NXNE’s twitter account was very helpful last year, so was following the festival’s hashtags and people on my timeline to figure out what was going on at the venues they were at. You can find out who surprise performers are in time to get to the venue, or decide whether or not it’s worth leaving the venue you are currently at to head to another one. People were constantly updating about the length of lines at venues, whether shows were running on time (which is great if you’re debating waiting to see another band at the venue you are at before dashing out to the next one) or if shows were at capacity. I’m looking forward to see how NXNE embraces social media this year and hoping to use it to help me efficiently navigate (or drunkenly stumble) my way through this year’s festival.

I did a brief scan of the festival’s Schedulizer and picked out some conferences I’d like to check out, as well as selected some bands I’ve seen before and know I can’t miss this year. I still have so many bands to listen to and figure out who else I can fit in. This is my schedule so far:






9:30 A.M.

      The New Volunteers: Social Media and Emergencies or Influencing the Influencers


  Brand Loyalty 3.0 or The Black Hole of Facebook How to Grow Your User Base The Changing Experience of Music


2:15 P.M.

  Wheel Of Fortune/Misfortune: Conversations About Music & Stuff Profitable Social Media for Non-Profits Beyond MySpace: Musicians Connecting in New Ways

3:00 P.M.

      Gentlemen Husbands @ Y-D

3:30 P.M.

  Hootsuite – Building a Brand Music Marketing 2011 How to Create More, Better, Different


7:00 P.M.

    Junior Battles @ Phoenix  

8:00 P.M.

  Fucked Up @ Y-D   Mockingbird Wish Me Luck @ Opera House

9:00 P.M.

  Blackie Jackett Jr @ Y-D   Sheezer @ Sneaks

10:00 P.M.

    Stars @ Y-D or Jadea Kelly @ Dakota or Black Lungs @ Horseshoe Hot Water Music @ Opera House

11:00 P.M.

  Gavin Gardiner at 918 Bathurst C’Mon @ Horseshoe or Dum Dum Girls @ Lees Gentlemen Husbands @ Elmo

12:00 A.M.

Chuck Ragan & Dave Hause @ Elmo Parlovr @ Horseshoe Cunter @ Bovine or Fast Romantics @ Elmo Coppertone @ Elmo

1:00 A.M.

  Fucked Up @ Wrongbar Saint Alvia @ Elmo  

2:00 A.M.

       Sheezer @ Sneaks

Who are YOU going to see?

Seriously, tell me because I need your suggestions. Leave in the comments because my telepathy has been experiencing connection problems lately. Exceeded bandwidth or something.

I’ve also entered to win exclusive passes for me and 9 friends to the Exclaim! and Jägermeister Annual BBQ bash at the Cadillac Lounge on June 17th. Crossing my fingers and toes I win because that would be an awesome party to attend! I would post pictures of nachos and jager sno-cones all night to make you super jealous. Just kidding, I’d totally bring you with and we could dance to some Monster Truck and Young Rival together!

Look Ma, I’m Famous!

Remember the studly adventurer/musician Simon that I blogged about last week? I was just looking through my copy of his new album and found this on the inside of the CD cover:

Weeee! It’s my first liner note mention! Rock For Humanity has been thanked a couple times and so has the founder Jordan, but this is my VERY. FIRST. TIME. Thank you Simon for making me smile for the next few months! You know what they say…a girl will always remember her first!

In other news…

Anita and I attended the #pepsithrowback party at Revival on Tuesday night. It was tons of fun and everyone was dressed up like the 80’s. Unfortunately my J-O-B would not have appreciated 80’s gear so I came dressed like a party pooper straight from work. Everyone else looked glam!

The party was hosted by Casie and Keshia Chante who danced like pros to M.J.’s Thriller, led by Shawn Hawaii and Scott.

Also: major cred goes to Photo Junkie for his pictures!! My cam is STILL in the shop @NikonCanada so I’m having to rely on everyone else for fotos lately. Good thing he takes awesome ones!

P.S. Yo-yo’s rule.
P.P.S. Can we please keep our fingers crossed for no rain tomorrow? I’m going to my cousin’s housewarming BBQ. Moe is tagging along too!