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We In The Nola, Baby!

Spent the last week in New Orleans visiting an old roommate/best friend/former coworker. We were there for Mardi Gras and then a few days after so we had a chance to party and then do the touristy things when the roads were open again.

This was one of my favourite days in New Orleans. This was during the day on Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras means fat Tuesday and in reality my vacation was more like 8 days of fat). We went to pick up daiquiris and then headed down to the parade route. Elissa and Mara knew someone who lived on Magazine Street with a roof top looking onto the parade.

Contrary to the wet dreams rumours that float around, you don’t have to take your top off for beads. (Although if you want to, the leering old men on the balconies on Bourbon Street will probably love it.) I went to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter twice during mardi gras and only saw girls too drunk to walk nevermind lift their shirts.

Drinking hurricanes in front of Jackson Square.

Drinking at Bacchanal – a backyard wine bar with a live band. There were also chefs to cook anything from steak dinner to oysters and a man to cut up your choice cheeses and serve on a platter. You could buy wine from $10 to $200 bottles.

We did and saw so many great things! We took a tour of famous Lafayette cemetery and saw the oldest cemetery (St. Louis I), went on an Abita brewery tour, saw SO many parades, saw live bands, went to a Trombone Shorty concert, went shopping on Magazine Street, ate fresh oysters (and alligator and crawfish and catfish, and…), tried shrimp n’ grits and po’boys (remember how I said fat?), drank wine, beer and daquiries, tried the touristy Hurricanes and Hand Grenades, danced in the streets, caught beads, drove over the Causeway Bridge and so much more!

I’ll be talking about this vacation for a long, long time! But for now, I’ve got a ridiculous amount of work to catch up on…