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Yesterday got a little Exotic…

After work yesterday Anita and I kicked Friday longweekendtraffic butt and jetted over to a party hosted by Eudora Fine Foods.

Eudora is a growing startup company by my old schoolmate/entreprenerd Steve who has put together a collection of specialty sauces and preserves inspired by his family’s Indian roots.

Steve showed us how quick and easy it is to make delicious and healthy meals in 10 minutes – he added raw chicken to a Eudora specialty sauce (we had the Khaldin) and let simmer for 10 minutes. While we waited for the chicken Khaldin to cook we were invited to sample the rest of Eudora’s sauces and preserves.

We tried the butter chicken, kofta, vindaloo, coconut curry, green curry, and chili chutney.

Anita and Steve even got together earlier this week and made some yum Eudora desserts. We had mango chutney and rosemary thumbprints as well as mango chutney and sharp cheddar palmiers. Anita is great at scheming up dessert applications for the chutneys and I’m already drooling over her next creations. She said they were super easy and quick to make!

The thing that I love about Eudora’s sauces is the number of different dishes you can make. I tried the Green Curry a few months ago and marinated some steak in it for 12 hours and then cooked it. I served it with some curried rice and chick peas and bam – dinner. I had a little Green Curry left, so I added it to my omelette that weekend. You don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing or marinating – Eudora is meant for people who want good quality, healthy meals in a rush. I tried the Butter Chicken and had dinner ready in 10 minutes so I didn’t even miss a Twitter meme exploding.

This time I bought the Coconut Curry and the spicier Vindaloo to see what fun stuff I can make! These pre-made sauces are great for people like me who would sometimes rather eat some peanut butter on a pita than spend my time making an actual meal. It’s probably also great for families who are looking for nutritious meals for their kids before soccer practice, baseball pictures and school bbqs because I know my mom always struggled to find new, fun things for us to inhale before our extracurriculars.

Other fun facts about Eudora:
They use fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. There are no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, so you know exactly what’s in your food. Their products are available at the Blue Banana in Kensington Market or the Sherway Gardens Market. There’s also FREE delivery to the GTA! Steve’s always looking for new stores to carry his products, restaurants to use them, or people that want them delivered right to their door. You can make him smile by saying hi to him on twitter.

You can find Eudora recipes here and every jar comes with a recipe suggestion for its contents.