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Swarovski Translucent Pendant

Swarovski Translucent Pendant

Oasis peplum top
$45 –

Zara blazer

Mango mid-rise jeans
$53 –

H&M floral pants
$23 –

Platform boots
$61 –

Kate Spade leather handbag

Kate spade

Swarovski jewelry

My NXNE 2011 Fashion Picks

With NXNE only 7 days away and my tentative schedule already figured out, it’s time to get down to business: what to wear. If you’re like me, you’d rather buy new clothes than wash most of your old ones. And if you’re like me, you’re also on a budget because your love for clothes must share wallet space with your love for partying every weekend, going out for brunch and pho. So here’s one for the girls (or the fashionably-curious men – rawr).

Dressing for NXNE relies on a very volatile formula:

With all of these variables constantly changing, it’s important to get your first outfit right and be able to fit a light jacket and umbrella in your purse just in case.

Here’s a set of looks I’ve created that showcase what you can find me wearing during NXNE.

NXNE 2011 Fashion Picks



Now I’m not very daring when it comes to dressing myself. I prefer darker colours (sometimes paired with bold coloured or patterned shoes or accessories) and minimal prints, so my looks are based on those preferences. To me, NXNE is one part music, one part style, and 8 parts practicality. Wearing heels just doesn’t make sense if you are going to be out from noon until 4a.m. and may have to run for cabs, or to grab poutine and make it to the next venue in time. I’ve picked out some shoes with both style and practicality in mind to go with any outfit.

These quick, simple and basic looks paired with an eye-catching ring or cute vintage pocketwatch and some bright red tint for your lips is the perfect way to pull off a put-together look while still looking like you didn’t spend 2+ hours getting ready. And trust me, guys (and chicks) dig that.

Finally, I hate being under-dressed when the night cools down (let’s face it, shivering and complaining is not cute) so I’ve paired the shirts and tanks I’ve chosen with vests or jackets, depending on what the forecast calls for next week. I tend to carry a suitcase larger purse so I always have the essentials tucked away in there should I need them.

With outfits this easy and inexpensive to put together, you’ll have more money for band merch and shots at the bar!