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Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend in pictures…

Moe and I got our espresso on at one of the Starbucks on Queen West.
To everyone who tried to guess my order: it was an Iced tall non-fat sugar-free caramel latte. I did a brief stint at Starbs as an undergrad so I know how I like my drinks.

Then Amy, Jordan and I got all fancy to go to Sean and Steve’s housewarming at their brand new condo. We had serious wine and cheese-in going down. Best thing about gay men is they don’t eat all the cheese you brought so you can stuff your face first.

CN Tower before the Jays game on Sunday against Boston. Jordan and I talked about having a total tourist day and doing things we would never normally do. He wants to go up the Tower and I want to go on one of those tour buses, or a walking tour of a neighbourhood of the city.

Jays got creaaamed by Boston. We went for my friend Lindsay’s birthday celebrations. We got slurries so life was okay, and the sun peeked in and out a bit. I’m still waiting for them to call Snider back up. Mustache, mullet n’ all – let’s go!

After the game we stopped by Lou Dawgs. LOVE this place. We met Darryl and did some shots of Fireball with him. Had the slider sampler because we were only snacky. Service was amazing and everyone was so friendly! Hope we can go back soon. I really want to try the loutine, the smoked turkey breast wrap and the pulled pork sammie! Wanted to get one po-boy style when we were there because po-boys remind me of Nola πŸ™‚