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TO #heatwave playlist

Today was hot! We got up to 37 degrees, feeling like 49 with humidity. That’s hotter and more humid than it was in New Orleans today and that is crazy!

In a perfect world, right?

Since temperatures don’t seem to be getting much cooler until at least next week, I thought I’d put together a #heatwave playlist to help enjoy the #helterswelter. (P.S. That was trending for a bit today – I like it!)

I got some great suggestions from my Twitter friends:
Amy suggested Johnny Cash’s – Ring of Fire, Corina opted for Hot Town Summer in the City and Casey suggested the bumpin’ This Is Why I’m Hot.

And I added a bit of my own flavour including Drop It Like It’s Hot, Nelly’s Hot In Here and some Island riddems.
This is the perfect playlist to dance to next to the air conditioner or to make you forget about the heat and enjoy the sunshine!

You can listen to my playlist by clicking here.

What else should I add to the playlist? Let me know and I’ll update it!

I wanted to listen to “Hot in Here” allll day at work, but was worried about getting a bit too…inspired.

I made some fun weekend plans to help me enjoy this great weather. I’m thinking a night at the drive-in with friends and a picnic on the Island. It’s only Thursday so let’s see what other kinds of trouble I can get into…

My NXNE 2011 Fashion Picks

With NXNE only 7 days away and my tentative schedule already figured out, it’s time to get down to business: what to wear. If you’re like me, you’d rather buy new clothes than wash most of your old ones. And if you’re like me, you’re also on a budget because your love for clothes must share wallet space with your love for partying every weekend, going out for brunch and pho. So here’s one for the girls (or the fashionably-curious men – rawr).

Dressing for NXNE relies on a very volatile formula:

With all of these variables constantly changing, it’s important to get your first outfit right and be able to fit a light jacket and umbrella in your purse just in case.

Here’s a set of looks I’ve created that showcase what you can find me wearing during NXNE.

NXNE 2011 Fashion Picks



Now I’m not very daring when it comes to dressing myself. I prefer darker colours (sometimes paired with bold coloured or patterned shoes or accessories) and minimal prints, so my looks are based on those preferences. To me, NXNE is one part music, one part style, and 8 parts practicality. Wearing heels just doesn’t make sense if you are going to be out from noon until 4a.m. and may have to run for cabs, or to grab poutine and make it to the next venue in time. I’ve picked out some shoes with both style and practicality in mind to go with any outfit.

These quick, simple and basic looks paired with an eye-catching ring or cute vintage pocketwatch and some bright red tint for your lips is the perfect way to pull off a put-together look while still looking like you didn’t spend 2+ hours getting ready. And trust me, guys (and chicks) dig that.

Finally, I hate being under-dressed when the night cools down (let’s face it, shivering and complaining is not cute) so I’ve paired the shirts and tanks I’ve chosen with vests or jackets, depending on what the forecast calls for next week. I tend to carry a suitcase larger purse so I always have the essentials tucked away in there should I need them.

With outfits this easy and inexpensive to put together, you’ll have more money for band merch and shots at the bar!




The New Face – and Feet – of the Music Industry

Simon Walls

I first met Simon Walls three years ago when I was booking bands to play at the Paradise Restaurant patio on Toronto Island during Wakestock as part of a Rock For Humanity fundraiser. While I was looking for bands to fill the bill we got a press kit in the mail from Simon Walls – a singer/songwriter from Montreal – with a short note and his second EP “Don’t Ask Your Eyes What the End Looks Like”. His music was personal, the riffs catchy and his work ethic inspiring. Simon wanted to play Rock For Humanity shows in Toronto and we thought he was a perfect fit for the Wakestock bill. Simon has a hectic work schedule working at a youth house in Montreal and couldn’t take much time off so he drove overnight from Montreal and napped in his car while he waited to meet up with us at the ferry docks.

Fast forward to the present. Simon is walking across Canada. He’s no stranger to blistered heels; Walls walked over 1000 km across Spain in 2008 and used some of his footage to create the music video for “Things I Will Give Up”. While Simon may have experience in roughing it, nothing could prepare him for his newest venture. Clocking in at just over 9,000 kilometers if he sticks to the route he’s mapped out in advance, Simon’s journey has seen the western tip of the country and will continue all the way east to the ocean. Throughout his walk, Simon documents his journey via updates to the blog on his website, plays shows wherever he can and lets his travels inspire him. When he reached the halfway point of his walk in Toronto, Simon took his newfound inspiration to the studio and will resume his walk across the country on Tuesday with a new record titled “Klein Blue”.  (Click on the link to buy).
gaOvKj on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Despite all of his planning prior to his departure, Simon continues to be surprised with what his walk brings.  He couldn’t have anticipated the kindness of strangers he’s met who offer him food, money and sometimes even a place to stay. When he isn’t being hosted by someone he’s just met Simon sleeps in fields, parking lots, forests and campgrounds. He’s been surprised by a pack of coyote’s sniffing and snarling outside of his tent in the middle of the night and has endured sleeping in a field next to a tractor during a massive storm in the prairies. He’s spent lonely nights in his tent (which he carries on his back while he walks) recording new song ideas on his iPhone.

On the final leg of his walk, Simon is looking forward to swimming in the ocean when he reaches St. John’s, Newfoundland in September and meeting all the great people the east coast has to offer. He’s looking forward to walking through Montreal, his hometown, and is hoping to get a big group of people to walk with him there. Simon’s learned a few things from the first 4,800 he’s walked:

I really have to pace myself at first. Take it slow. I’ll have to really work on going slow all the way to Montreal, then I can pick up the pace. One of my goals is to meet more people, try and sleep in more houses as opposed to fields, in my tent.

The music industry certainly isn’t easy to make it into. With it’s future resting precariously in the hands of internet and new media, artists, management and labels are trying to find ways to still make a profit. With emerging artists like Simon, the future is clear. Imagine if all artists worked so hard at their art or traveled such great distances to promote their albums. No tour bus, no rider, no ego and no misplaced sense of entitlement; just pure, inspirational motivation and talent.

Whatever awaits him on the second and final part of his walk across the country, one thing is for sure – Simon will be charming the heart and ears of everyone he meets.

Simon is playing his last show in Toronto at the Cameron House on Monday, May 30, 2011 before he leaves for his walk on Tuesday morning.