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Look Who Finally Decided to Show Up…

I’ve been waiting anxiously ever since I bought a frame for my diploma and wrote the exam for my last PR course (yes, in that order). I even called U of T to make sure this pretty young thang wouldn’t get lost in the mail with the rolling Canada Post strikes. And here. it. is. Kind of of anti-climatic, so I’m making it more exciting!

It’s another piece of paper to put on my wall!

Here is it in its frame!

Here it is with it’s bigger cousin, Mr. Hons Bach Arts.

Now what next? I’m considering either taking writing or French courses next winter because I enjoy doing both but definitely need more practice. I’m all CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME knowledge sometimes and not enough CREATE CREATE CREATE.

On Friday I went by M for Mendocino where my friend Carly works. Carly is an awesome firecracker of a girl who gets fashion, knows my style, and is a great stylist. She picked me out 30+ things to try on and I ended up with these (although I’m still seriously considering going back for that romper):

Okay, noticed when I was paying that they are all stripes. I don’t mind! Carly kept my NXNE Fashion post in mind and picked me out some cute shirts for the festival.

If you need someone to help you refresh your wardrobe for summer – holler at Carly or visit her at Mendocino on Queen West. I love that she isn’t afraid to tell you when something doesn’t look good, and she’s always quick to suggest something that may be better for your body type. I always struggle to remember that it isn’t worth wearing something trendy if it just isn’t meant for you.

The other girls that work there were really nice too, and very patient as I took up a fitting room while Carly shopped for me.

Was a bit bummed over the weekend because the forecast called for rain at the end of the week, which is especially a bummer because it’s NXNE. When I woke up this morning I found that the weather gods (or lack thereof) have decided to temporarily appease me and offer me this for the 7 day forecast:

For the past 5 years that I’ve attended NXNE, it’s rained every year! I’m looking forward to dry lineups, squeek-less shoes and non-frizzy hair. Hell, maybe even some of that S-word. Starts with “suh”, ends in “unshine”.

Finally, I know my pictures are crap. Such crap. In February I bought a brand new Nikon. I’m normally a Canon girl, but wanted to give the Nikon a try. When I brought it on vacation in February I realized it was broken – the lens is jammed so it doesn’t open all the way. Ruined all my vacation pictures because now they all have some silly black frame on them. Finally got the receipt from my parents house and tried to exchange it at Future Shop but they have to send it back to Nikon and I have to wait 6-8 weeks before they let me know if they’re going to give me a new camera or not. SUCKS. So now I’m camera-less and busy. I have been attending so many fun events and want to take pictures at NXNE this weekend and my trip to Montreal next weekend. Wish cameras worked like cell phones and you could have a loaner while they tinkered with yours.