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My Torrid Love Affair with Technology

It all started with Nintendo. My dad introduced me to my first love at a very young age and before I could even ride a bike, I was a Mario Bros expert. I knew where all the extra lives where, could avoid the evil mushrooms with my eyes closed and saved my fair share of Princesses. When Mario Bros 3 came out, my dad and I worked out every single possible combination for the card game so we could max out on points every time and not rely on our real brains. Okay, so maybe I was more of an “indoor” child for a short period of my life. Note: I still have my original Nintendo system and I’m a Tetris master so don’t even try me. Although if you need someone to strategically pack your car, I’m your girl.


I’ve always loved technology and gadgets, but it hasn’t always loved me. My Tamagotchi’s screen always went wonky, my first cell phone decided very early in it’s life that it would prefer to NOT take calls, and I’ve never owned a printer that has worked for longer than a month. Oh yeah, then there was my very first laptop for my first year of university. I was totally that girl in a first year English lecture who had to leave because her laptop was smoking. Like actually.
And guess which girl couldn’t get anything done about the warranty and couldn’t afford a new one so she had to do her homework like this with the window open in the middle of winter in hopes it wouldn’t overheat:

Yes, that was me too. A nd yes, that’s a shower rack. I’m quite resourceful!   The latest on my love/hate relationship with technology: If you follow me on Twitter (which you should), you may know that I had a LONG day at work yesterday. Like 17 hours long. I’ve definitely worked 17 hours in one day before, but usually not at one job and USUALLY I don’t spend 9 of those hours photocopying. My back and neck KILLL today. We photocopied about 80+ LARGE legal documents containing materials our lawyers needed for trial today.   I remember the exact moment I realised we weren’t in Kansas anymore. It was right after we ordered in pad thai and spring rolls (on the firm’s dime, hollerrrr) and my belly was very happy (even though my shrimp had been mistakingly replaced with tofu). We were told that “maaaaybe we wouldn’t be done by 9pm anymore”. Yeah no kidding. And then, as if my day couldn’t get any longer, EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTOCOPIER. IN. THE. OFFICE. BROKE. ONEBYONE. That’s 3 in my department, 2 in the mailroom and 3 for the rest of the office. One by one, they all came up with different excuses as to why they would not be sharing the overtime shift with us. They even came up with errors I have never even seen before! I swear one machine (the one that rocked back and forth a bit, flashed red lights and beeped) was possessed by some evil productivity-loathing creature.   I ended up being at the office until 1am, hopping in a cab straight home to my bed and waking up 4 hours later to come in early and take all of the materials to court. The best part – I got to explain to our photocopy dude, the Xerox technicion (aka my own personal saviour) and the office manager about what happened to every single copier in the office.     Let’s hope my future robot lover treats me kindly and for now, I’ll just stick to my Nintendo.