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#TwestivalTO 2011

Last Thursday I attended #TwestivalTO in support of The Remix Project. Twestival local events are a great way to raise money for local non-profit initiatives while meeting all your fave online friends IRL.

Anita, Travis and I hit the town, ordered ourselves some #Tigerblood (Jack & Coke) and met a lot of the people we’ve been talking to online and made some great new friends!

                           (Photo taken from Flickr – TwestivalTO)

Not sure what we were expecting but it definitely wasn’t what we walked to in to! TwestivalTO was hosted at The Fifth and we walked in to the lights dimmed, DJ playing and got all dolled up to have our pictures taken.

(Photo by @motionblur –  TwestivalTO album can be found here.)

Nat and Marie hosted a Twidol Karaoke which was streaming live…and amazing! Unfortunately they were so busy and I was a bit too shy to meet them IRL (lame, huh?) so that will have to wait until next time. Also didn’t get to meet Casie…another case of being way too shy and having major respect for some cool women in my city! We’ll meet someday and I know it will be awesome!

In the end, we ended up raising $18,000 for The Remix Project – and had a damn good time doing it! Thank you to all of the organizers and volunteers for putting on this event!! I can’t wait for next year 🙂

(Photo by @motionblur –  TwestivalTO album can be found here.)