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The Lazy Blog #WeekendWrapUp

I just lost this whole post when I hit “Publish” so now I’m angrily re-posting. Silly Jamie…you should know better!

Did a lot of this since I was ordered to keep off my feet due to a nasty infection in my leg last week. I blogged it. And complained a lot on Twitter.

I’ve loved having my downtime and lots of puppy cuddles, but I miss walking my boy. It relieves stress. Puppy hugs and snuggles are also a good stress release – you should try it!

I always blog about Moe – poor Troj wants to be internet famous too! He caught the nap bug too and took a catnap in the afternoon sun.

On Friday evening I had an appointment at Evoke Salon. I haven’t had a hair cut since my hair was a short bob more than 6 months ago.
Ryan hooked me up with a great cut to help me grow my hair out and we got along so well! I’ll be honest, I’m easy to please in the stylist’s chair. But one reason why I’ve had a hard time finding a stylist I like in Toronto is because I need to feel comfortable sitting in their chair and talking to them for an hour. Ryan was easy to talk to and I never felt like we were making dumb smalltalk to help the time go by faster.
Evoke – you just may be seeing my name in the appointment book again soon!

How awful are these tan lines?!  Yes…I’m normally that pale. I guess? Don’t worry, I got rid of those suckers later on in the weekend.
My parents seriously saved my butt this week. Mom sat in the waiting room with me at the hospital twice (and drove me to and from the hospital since I spent a disgusting amount on cabs).
This is me driving my Dad’s car (sunroof! Holler at your girl!). He had to carpool home from work so that I could have a car to drive to my appointments. If I had to take my crutches I would have never made it!

This is where I got rid of those awful tan lines. And here. Mom and I sat by the pool while we waited for Dad’s roast supper to be ready. My dad’s Yorkshire’s are better than your dad’s.

I went to famjam on Saturday for my aunt and uncle’s 25th wedding anniversary. Can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures…again! I get so caught up in talking with my family that I always forget to take pictures. Hoping for some good ones from my cousin’s boyfriend’s camera.

The boys were pooped Sunday night. And they don’t even have to go to work on Mondays…

Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky #WeekendWrapup

After this blog post and tomorrow’s #TOTweetUp, I will only exist online for the remainder of this week. I’ve got my big exam on Saturday morning so I’m going to lock myself in a room and shove my head in my books.

Most importantly, I promised myself a month ago that if I pull up my socks and study for this test then I get to reward myself on Sunday by buying my domain and get working on a new site to have fun from so there’s a fun, multi-coloured, creative light at the end of the tunnel.

Now excuse me while I #WeekendWrapup:

Kept the sunscreen industry in business at Edgefest 2011. Went with these awesome people, plus 4 more. No line up at guestlist willcall, no line up at the gates, no line up at the beer tents. After some major complaints about last week’s Tragically Hip Canada Day show, it looks like Downsview made some improvements that really worked.
Saw the Arkells, Gentlemen Husbands, Hollerado, Sheepdogs, Monster Truck, and Weakerthans and had SUCH a good time!

This is one of my fave bands, Gentlemen Husbands, covering Tom Petty’s American Girl. I took the video for hetero-life-partner Elissa since she’s back living life in the Big Easy and couldn’t make it. Decided it was about time I had my own Youtube account and posted it there. It’s bare bones right now but will be prettifying that too.

Someone told me attendance was at over 70,000. I was always bad at guessing the amount of gumballs in the jar but does that sound right to you?

Felt guilty about leaving Moe at home all day while we had fun at Edgefest, so on Sunday we compromised and brought him to Cherry Beach 🙂 Was a bit overcast but the sun came out while we were there. Moe’s a big chicken and is scared of the water but had a blast at the beach anyway.
This is the scene of the awful leash/rope burn on my ankle. 24 hours later and my ankle is cut up, swollen and disgusting. Can’t bend my ankle. Eeek! No time for hurt!

Went to a dinner party like a real grownup and took this creepy pic. I get all excited when (famous) people have the same name as me because growing up there was only ever Jamie-Lee Curtis (ew). Never even had songs with my name in it ‘cept this one.

Real grownup dinner party with a fantastic cook. Had chicken and shrimp, homemade falafel, greek salad, tabouli, fresh baked bread and a delish pecan pie for dessert. Everything was so delicious that I’m scared of my turn to host one.

Okay, back to the #homerunderby. Cheering for Bautista! #beastmode

Some Kinda Wrap Up…

Missed the last weekend wrap up after I went to Montreal, and I didn’t take enough pictures then or from this weekend at my parent’s place for a BBQ and pool-floating day. (Have I complained enough about my Nikon cam being in the shop for the past 7 weeks? Hoping it’s back in action for Edgefest this weekend!) Here is a wrap up of what I’ve been up to:

I took my first Megabus trip from Toronto to Montreal to meet boyfriend there for the weekend. I thought our bus driver was hilarious (by my 6am standards) until he told me we wouldn’t have time to run over to the Timmie’s in the SAME parking lot as the rest stop in Kingston. I felt so victorious when I got this for the last half of the trip and got some studying in since my computer had died.

These kids were DJs, I think they called themselves Eargasm. I caught them at a Supernova show in Montreal on Friday night. I’m not kidding, these 2 kids could DJ at Wrongbar and we’d all shit our pants and line up for hours to dance our sweaty pants off with them. Please someone in Toronto – book these guys at your club so I can come dance my jean shorts right onto your floor.

Then we saw Simon Walls play – great as always. Everyone in the bar was SO impressed by his voice and use of the loop pedal to make it sound like he had a whole band behind him. I really wish Simon could find a girl to walk across the country with him to sing with him. I love the way girls voices sound harmonized with his. There are some songs he sings where I can hear the girl’s voice where it’s supposed to be.
I told Simon I would learn to sing so that I could sing with him when I’m at the shows. I don’t sing in front of ANYONE, hate the sound of my own voice and don’t like talking into microphones. Simon says we have a long way to go…

Simon also says Raise your hand. Now put it down. HAW HAW SIMON DIDN’T SAY TO PUT YOUR HAND DOWN.

Was nice to see Simon in his own element in Montreal. The boys spoke French and I chimed in with phrases I strung together with my basic vocab (like “Le oiseaux caca sur l’auto”). Simon brought us to La Rockette which was just our scene. I got a kick out of the unisex bathroom!

This made me giggle. I love funny WIFI names. More giggles here.

I did some shopping and walked through Montreal Jazz Fest. Was supposed to be finding the car but I was distracted by so many cool street performers.

Love the Toronto skyline. I love coming back into the city after some time away. This is my home! This view makes me happy to be a Torontonian. Isn’t our skyline pretty?

My brother’s both graduated within a few days of each other. One finished grade 8, the other grade 12. Both are starting new things in September and I’m so excited for them! I always get them to make this face dating back to an old e-mail forward we loved when people actually read e-mail forwards.

One fun thing about your brother’s grad being held at the Powerade Centre in Toronto – popcorn during the ceremony. My dad and I sat next to each other and made up the peanut gallery for the ceremony. Mom turned around and yelled at us. We had fun cheering for my brother and his girlfriend. Fun fact: My fam lives on a small crescent in North Brampton. 8 kids in my brother’s graduating class live on our street!

The other fun thing about your brother’s grad being held at the Powerade Centre is posing for pics like this. Boyfriend thinks I’m a closet puck bunny (untrue) so he’ll love finding this picture. Fun fact: I did used to go to tons of Battalion games and I loved going to talk to the players after the game. I had a few of them on ICQ, including Raffi Torres.


Travis Snider!

I’ve been complaining ever since he got sent back down to the minors that the Jays don’t know what they’re doing. On Saturday I commented to my brother and the boyfriend that I was going to boycott watching Jays games until they brought him back.
Sunday afternoon I heard he was being called back for Monday’s game. The boys got a kick out of that! Good thing I didn’t have to boycott because I do enjoy watching the games.

Today Snider got 3 Doubles and 2 RBI’s so my brother tweeted that I should manage the Jays. Yeah, basically.

Weekend Wrap Up

Our tickets to fun, knowledge and certain liver failure for the week.

Carly found this in the bathroom at the Elmo Wednesday night and sent it to me. Elissa’s writing, and Elissa’s initial. We lived together on Cecil Street with 3 other amazing girls for 2 years in university. Elissa doesn’t remember ever writing this.

I learned so much at NXNEi – so glad I took the time off work to attend the daytime panels. I’m going to dedicate a full blog post to both the music and interactive portions of the festival. I’m loving my iPhone>Blackberry for mirror shots.
Was glad to be busy doing all this stuff during the day so I couldn’t pay attention to the people destroying and looting Vancouver.

On Friday night we cruised venues like the El Mocambo and then Sneaky D’s but everything was too damn hot so we cooled off in a park for a bit and danced to music played off our phones. Poor Tim was stuck with 4 girls and we made him play on the slides with us.

Isn’t she gorgeous? I miss this girl more than I miss McDonalds pizza and Veronica Mars on TV. She moved to New Orleans this winter and I’m positive she’s to blame for the stellar weather all weekend. I wish we took more pictures together this weekend! Was so sad to see her go.

We hung out with some of our other fave girls and danced at the Gentlemen Husbands show at the Elmo. I swear, the Gentlemen Husbands have the coolest guitars, the nicest cowboy boots and the cutest girls dancing at their shows.

Like I tweeted from the show, I’m a sucker for any band that covers Tom Petty. Earlier in the day we saw the band at Yonge Dundas square and they played “American Girl”. At the Elmo they played “Won’t Back Down” (video and pictures by Carly).

Moe and I decided to chill on Sunday after 4 straight days of madness and we cuddled with some movies & delish ice cream from Black Dog on Queen West. This is our new fave spot in the ‘hood for chill Sundays. I like places that don’t treat my dog like a monster (and even have treats for him!)

Almost nice to be back at work so I can relax after a long, enjoyable NXNE festival. How many days until next year’s?

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend in pictures…

Moe and I got our espresso on at one of the Starbucks on Queen West.
To everyone who tried to guess my order: it was an Iced tall non-fat sugar-free caramel latte. I did a brief stint at Starbs as an undergrad so I know how I like my drinks.

Then Amy, Jordan and I got all fancy to go to Sean and Steve’s housewarming at their brand new condo. We had serious wine and cheese-in going down. Best thing about gay men is they don’t eat all the cheese you brought so you can stuff your face first.

CN Tower before the Jays game on Sunday against Boston. Jordan and I talked about having a total tourist day and doing things we would never normally do. He wants to go up the Tower and I want to go on one of those tour buses, or a walking tour of a neighbourhood of the city.

Jays got creaaamed by Boston. We went for my friend Lindsay’s birthday celebrations. We got slurries so life was okay, and the sun peeked in and out a bit. I’m still waiting for them to call Snider back up. Mustache, mullet n’ all – let’s go!

After the game we stopped by Lou Dawgs. LOVE this place. We met Darryl and did some shots of Fireball with him. Had the slider sampler because we were only snacky. Service was amazing and everyone was so friendly! Hope we can go back soon. I really want to try the loutine, the smoked turkey breast wrap and the pulled pork sammie! Wanted to get one po-boy style when we were there because po-boys remind me of Nola 🙂